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As of Fri, 24 May 2019, EcoReality Co-op is supplying 141 Class D Investment Shareholders with organic, grass- and browse-fed raw goat dairy products. The pages linked below have to do with this operation.

Those interested in purchasing dairy herd shares, in order to receive raw goat dairy products, should visit the following links:

Dairy herd share FAQ 
A list of "frequently asked questions" about the herd share operation, along with answers.
Dairy herd share fees 
The current cost of joining the herd share, and of receiving various dairy products.
Dairy production 
Data for milk production from the EcoReality herd.
Dairy herd share agreement 
The formal contract you are required to sign before becoming a dairy herd shareholder.
Dairy herd share application 
The form you fill out to become a dairy herd shareholder. (You also need to sign the dairy herd share agreement and pay for your shares.)

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