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This page is a category. It is like a table of
contents of the pages that refer to this page.
Category listings:

To add a page to this category:

  1. go to that page and click the edit tab
  2. put this at the bottom:

That page is now listed in this category page!

EcoReality Website Table of Contents

These are the categories that contain the pages of this site.

Click on any category below to see a list of pages in that category.

A page can be in multiple categories.

At the bottom of each page is a list of categories that the page is in.

When adding new pages, please place them in one or more of these categories, or contact Jan Steinman if you wish to set up a new category.

There may also be pages that have not been categorized. If you feel inclined, please add these pages to an existing category.

There is also an alphabetical index of every page in this site.

You can also search for pages using the form to the left.

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