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This was agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20090123, but circumstances following the agreement have made it obsolete. A brief notice regarding the nature of the obsolescence must be entered.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
Contact WikiSysop to make small corrections (spelling, grammar, etc.) or add an agenda item to re-visit this agreement at an appropriate meeting.

This agreement is obsolete. The person who crafted this stewardship has left the co-op.

Responsibilities of the work party steward include:

  • Maintaining a list of possible work party activities and assessing with EcoReality residents and members which items need to be priorized for each work party and how many people for how long.
  • Creating and/or maintaining a list of people interested and available for work parties, skills, interests, available tools etc.
  • Contacting people directly through phone, email, word of mouth to request specific help for work parties, what to bring, what we have to offer, etc. See work parties.
  • Writing a short piece on upcoming work parties, what we hope to do, how many people might be needed, etc., for the monthly EcoReality newsletter. This can also include photos of past work parties and what happened during the last work party.
  • Advertising (when appropriate) upcoming work parties in the free "coming events" sections of local newspapers.
  • Assessing food requirements for each work party and making sure that designated cooks are aware of the expected food requirements.
  • The ongoing time budget suggested for this stewardship is 3 hours per month to be evaluated after a 3 month trial period.
  • Submitted by Susie Anne 17:00 15 January 2009 (PDT)

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