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Project steward

James Cowan


The older house lacks a useful renewable heating system. The cookstove replica has limited capacity and a proper hearth, and will not heat the downstairs effectively.


The simplest wood heating system is to install a wood stove. It should be in the living room below or beside the steps, to take advantage of existing chimney egress to the roof. It must be installed safely and to code.

Goal or deliverable

  1. New, high-efficiency woodstove installed near the centre of the living room
  2. Ceiling fan in the kitchen.
  3. Refurbish and re-install kitchen cook stove to code.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

Ideally, installed, inspected, tested, refined as needed, and operating before the 2008/2009 heating season.


  1. New woodstove:
    1. Determine need
    2. Get quotes
    3. Procure and install
  2. Kitchen ceiling fan
    1. Procure and install
  3. Re-install kitchen cook stove to code
    1. Determine requirements
    2. Obtain materials
    3. Install

Financial budget

  1. New woodstove: unknown
  2. Ceiling fan: $44
  3. Re-install cook stove (as of Nov 27 these numbers are an estimate):
    • Tiles - $40
    • Tile set - $20
    • Bell damper part $20
    • Lid Lifter $20
    • Gasket set $60
    • Gasket cement $15
    • Fire brick $50
    • New trim for edge of lino $20
    • Stove pipe, elbows and professional labour $400

Labour budget

  1. New woodstove: unknown
  2. Kitchen ceiling fan: 4 hours
  3. Re-install cook stove:
    • Cleaning and installing damper, firebrick, gaskets & other minor work: 12 hours
    • Removing lino and part of subfloor, laying new tile, grout and seal tile, install trim: 16 person hours

Final accounting (Goal/Plan 1: New woodstove)

New stove (Goal 1) and living room ceiling fan has been tabled, pending review of how the cookstove works in winter of 2008/2009.

Final accounting (Goal/Plan 2: kitchen ceiling fan)

  • 20 Class A shares to James for cash outlay for ceiling fan.
  • 24 Class A shares to James for cash outlay for fan mounting bracket.
  • 15 Class B shares to James for installation labour (1:00).
  • 42.25 Class B shares to Jan for installation labour (2:49).

Final accounting (Goal/Plan 3: Re-install cook stove)

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