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What improvements and changes would you like to see in this website?

I'm looking at ways to add the following things (in priority):

  1. a sharing database, where people can list resources they are willing to share
  2. online library, with book cover scans and abstracts
  3. a polling mechanism, whereby anyone can add a poll to a page and have others vote on it
  4. a quotes database, where anyone can browse my personal collection of 6,000 quotes, and easily include them on any page
  5. Pattern Language, A: Towns, Buildings, Construction patterns
  • your ideas here!

See the 'Test' category below for experiments with some of these ideas. --Jan Steinman 12:35, 8 Mar 2005 (PST)


  • the editable diagram system is up and running! (See -- and edit -- graphs I've added to biofuels.)
  • the timeline system, where people can easily create and display schedules, plans, timelines, etc., is up and running, although it needs better documentation. (Also, client-side maps are not working for some reason.)

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