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Welcome to the EcoReality White House

This information needs to be updated. The White House is now our volunteer housing and guest centre. The following is primarily historical, and should be updated.

This is general information about staying in the white house. If you are staying in the yellow house with Jan and Carol please see the Welcome letter.

White House Specific Info


  • Most of the items in the yellow house are owned by Carol and Jan. Most of the items in the old white house belong to the families that live there. Please be respectful and careful of its use.
  • Instruments out of cases are for anyone to use, including supervised children.
  • We've created a kid friendly house, yet not entirely child proof. Please check in with us about where toys are and what areas/items we would like to be child-free (ie. office).
  • The workshop, classroom and garage are areas used by a variety of people. Please ask before handling items in these buildings. Do not use any tools -- especially power tools -- without asking permission and getting training on safety and proper use.


  • Our schedule is around the kids. Please be quiet in and around the house when children are sleeping (this can be daytime napping too!).
  • If you are sleeping upstairs be conscious of making noise. None the rooms are insulated from each other. This also means that we usually wake up when the first kid noises are heard in the morning (hopefully after 6am.....).
  • Tenting space is available -- please check with us before setting up. Tenters will want to bring their own sleeping pad. If you cannot supply your own sleeping bag, make sure we know in advance.
  • "Quiet hours" on the farm are from 10PM to 8AM, yet there is often some activity in the White house and in the outdoor areas after 10pm or before 8am. If this involves you, please be respectful of others who may be sleeping if you engage in quiet conversation, play, or other quiet movements.
  • We are a shoes free house even if we forget that ourselves sometimes, please help us in keeping the floors clean. We have some guest slippers if you didn't bring any.


  • There is one washroom in the white house. Please check with others before monopolizing.
  • In an effort to save water, please don't flush pee. To return borrowed nutrients to the earth, feel free to pee outside.
  • There are towels in the laundry closet. Please use multiple times and leave on floor of laundry room when done.
  • Please check in with us before doing laundry, we try to maximize loads. (Except diapers can be washed separately.)
  • We have an open wireless system you can use to access the Internet.

Food and Kitchen

  • We are a vegetarian household and would appreciate no meat cooked or stored in the house. If for some special reason, you wish to store or prepare meat, please discuss it with us first.
  • There are 3 compost buckets under/near the sink:
    • Chickens: Please don't put onions, garlic, citrus, or anything with strong odors in this bucket. Items should be cut smaller than 2 inches for this bucket.
    • Compost: Everything organic including tea bags. Please cut long stems to less than 4 inch lengths. This bucket can be emptied into the blue rubbermaid bin under the maple tree when full.
    • Eggshells, Go in the warming oven above the woodstove.
  • We recycle just about everything; please help us to throw out as little garbage as possible. There is a sorting system on the front porch. If you are not sure where your item goes, please ask!
  • There is a paper bag in the washroom for burnable items that are not recyclable (e.g. toilet paper used to blow nose, ear cleaning cotton wands)
  • Please do not put any organic waste in the garbage
  • Please put diapers outside in the grey garbage can beside the maple tree.


  • Please ask before using the wood stove
  • Check in with us before using baseboards or electric heaters. They cost a fortune to run and we may have other solutions
  • Please be sure outside doors are latched. They have been weather-stripped, and may require a good push to latch.

EcoReality General Info

General Info

  • We do our best to be very open and friendly, please make yourself at home and don't be afraid to ask where anything is.
  • The farm is owned as a co-op. You can find out more at www.EcoReality.org.
  • The address is: 2172 Fulford-Ganges Road, V8K 1Z7, 250.653-4663 map.)


  • We are approximately 3km from Fulford Harbour, 10km from Ganges, 20km from Vesuvius or Long Harbour.
  • Hitchhiking is common on the island and most folks can get where they need to go with their thumb and some patience.
  • There is local bus service, Monday through Saturday, from the ferries and Ganges.
  • We have a page with detailed directions on how to get to EcoReality.
  • If you drive here, please check in with us about where to park so no one is blocked in.


  • We may have various livestock here from time to time. Please keep gates closed, and ask what to do if you discover livestock where they don't seem to belong.
  • Clean garden tools before putting them away.
  • Please check in with us before walking on any of the neighbours' property.
  • Please do not smoke on the property. This does not mean dropping your butts at the end of the driveway! If you are seriously addicted, or have medical or religious need to smoke, please discuss this with residents to come to an appropriate arrangement. Field-strip your butts (that means remove the filter and paper from the tobacco), put the paper in the woodstove or burn pile, and compost the tobacco. Please pack out any filters - ie. take them with you and dispose appropriately elsewhere.


  • If you work at a work party or WWOOF for 6 hours per day, you receive a night's lodging and 3 meals in exchange for your work. (Please see also the WWOOF FAQ.)
  • If you are not a working guest, we request a voluntary donation to help offset the cost of having you here.
    • We suggest a voluntary donation for overnight accommodations of $25/night indoors and $5/night camping.
    • We suggest voluntary donations for meals of $7 for breakfast, $9 for lunch, and $9 for dinner.
    • If you are coming with a family, talk to us in advance about the suggested donation amounts. In our experience, every family is different and we are open to communicating about your needs and our expenses.
  • Although we have some extras, you are expected to have basic work clothing, including rain wear, footwear that can handle mud, durable clothing, and gloves. If specific tool use requires special safety gear, we will supply it while you use that tool.


  • We will do our utmost to provide you the healthiest, safest possible work and play environment, but you acknowledge that you are ultimately responsible for your own health and safety as well as Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) coverage.
  • If you are coming from outside British Columbia, you may not be covered by provincial health care, and should provide your own health insurance.

Please sign our guest book and add any coments about your stay before you leave. Doodles, sketches, poetry, etc. are all welcome in the guest book! Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your lovely stay with us!

I have read the EcoReality welcome letter, and agree to abide by it:

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