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Before you fill in this form, please be sure to look over these pages:

Volunteer FAQ 
a list of frequently-asked-questions about volunteering at EcoReality co-op.
Welcome letter 
our "house customs" and other things you need to know before volunteering at EcoReality co-op.

The detailed information you submit will be available to EcoReality farm personnel only.

If we host you as a volunteer, your name may appear on our website as a volunteer, but the rest of the information you submit will remain private to EcoReality farm personnel.

The next step, typically within the next few days, will be either:

A phone interview, or
An email interview.

We will then discuss our needs and your capabilities at our next weekly farm meeting (generally, every Wednesday) and get back to you soon after.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering at EcoReality!

  • Our form entry system has a bug, and will not work with non-English characters. Please be sure there are no accents, umlauts, ellipses, etc. in your form submission! Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.
  • It appears that this form is not friendly with mobile devices — sorry! Please fill it out from a laptop or desktop computer.
EcoReality Co-op Volunteer Information
First Name*
Last Name*
Canada Social Insurance Number*
Date of Birth*
Your Email Address*
Telephone Number*
Best time to call (with time zone):
Permanent Address
Emergency Contact, with telephone number*
WWOOF Number
Start Date*
End Date*
Volunteer reference (where you volunteered before)
Highest interest*
Second highest interest*
Third highest interest*
Not interested in*
Please describe your farming/gardening experience
Driving experience*
Have you ever been arrested?*
If you have been arrested, please enter jurisdiction and disposition. (This does not automatically disqualify you.)
Any other applicable skills
Tasks you cannot or will not perform for whatever reason
Any medical needs, allergies, or special dietary needs
Anything else you would like us to know about you?
Where did you hear about EcoReality Co-op volunteer work?
(If 'other' or 'other website,' please specify)
I have read the 'Volunteer FAQ' and 'Welcome Letter,' and agree to abide by their terms.*

* indicates a required field

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at EcoReality Co-op. Someone will be back to you shortly!

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