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  • Maintenance:
    • Fix chainsaws.
  • Farm store:
    • Sheet-rock ceiling and top of walls.
    • Clean and organize farm store bay of green building.
    • Install 8' lights.
    • Install garage door and pass-through door.
  • Greenhouse:
    • Spread manure and compost in greenhouse.
    • Dig manure into beds.
    • Potting up; moving plants from soil blocks to re-used pots.
    • Tagging and labeling starts.
    • Tending and watering greenhouse plants.
    • Planting greenhouse starts in soil blocks.
    • Transplanting starts into permanent raised beds.
    • Harvesting.
  • Greenhouse 2:
    • Layout.
    • Digging and pouring foundation.
    • Re-assembly
  • Animal care.
    • Milking and feeding goats.
    • Bottle feeding baby goats
    • Feeding chickens, ducks, and geese.
    • Gathering eggs.
    • Trimming goat hooves.
    • Building and mending fences.
  • Fieldwork:
    • Weeding in the garden beds.
    • Build permanent raised beds.
    • Harvesting.
  • General site clean-up.
    • Clean and organize garage.
    • Clean and organize woodshop.
    • Clean and organize classroom.
    • Site tidy work.
  • Fruticulture:
    • Prune trees.
    • Regular watering of new trees.
    • Remove grass from around established fruit trees, and establish sentinel and insectiary plants.
  • Harvest firewood
  • Get and install concrete well ring.
  • Plan, design, and dig out constructed wetland for white house grey water.
  • Scything around houses for hay and desired grass length.
  • Gathering and starting alder/maple cuttings for road buffer.
  • Planting Paulonia for road buffer.
  • Plant more willow cuttings for road buffer.
  • Clean out area around biodiesel processor and help rehabilitate it.
  • Collection of cedar boughs for chipping. Use for rows between raised beds to control grass/weeds.
  • Wood chipping (with close supervision).
  • Re-paint EcoReality logo sign.
  • Help install generator transfer switches, Yellow House, pump house, White House emergency power.
  • Build outhouses and other support for composting toilets project.
  • Data entry of harvest, sales, and labour data. (bad weather activity)

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