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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20110727.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
Contact WikiSysop to make small corrections (spelling, grammar, etc.) or add an agenda item to re-visit this agreement at an appropriate meeting.

(For purposes of this request, a resident is a person who pays the bills for a household on the EcoReality site.)

Since early 2009, residents of EcoReality have been compensated by EcoReality for housing and feeding volunteers, WWOOFers, interns, and other such working guests. This was scheduled for agreement, but never formally agreed.

Residents who have had volunteer help since January 2007 estimate the costs of hosting volunteers are $10/day for food, utilities, and associated overhead (electricity, water usage, laundry, taxes & insurance, etc).

  • Request:
    • EcoReality reimburse residents $10 per day for each volunteer that the resident hosts at EcoReality.
      • In the case where a volunteer does not eat three meals or does not stay overnight, reimbursement will be $2.50 for lodging and $2.50 for each of three meals.
    • Residents agree to keep accurate records and request reimbursement in writing by the 15th of the month for the preceding month.
      • Residents who do not submit a written reimbursement request by the 15th of the month may forfeit reimbursement for the preceding month's volunteer expenses, at the sole discretion of the finance steward, who is empowered to make reasonable exceptions in the case of emergencies or other exceptional circumstances.
    • Residents agree to keep track of any personal tasks performed by WWOOFers or interns and to deduct those days from the total claimed for EcoReality reimbursement.

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