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Visitors at one of our weekly potlucks.

As of September 2021, we are not taking visitors, unless pre-qualified by email or Zoom meetings. The combination of CoViD-19, personal health challenges, and our workload has increased the impact that even well-meaning visitors have on us. Please feel free to explore a future visit via correspondence or Zoom!

We are WWOOF hosts (WWOOF is a worldwide organic farm volunteer labour organization), we have monthly meetings and potlucks, and we generally like to share with others and gather inspiration.

Please contact us in advance of your visit. There are rare times when we may be unavailable, or there may be so many people on the farm already that it's bursting at the seams. We are a working farm, and cannot take time to accommodate "drop in" un-scheduled visitors, who may be politely asked to leave and come back at a pre-arranged time.

We are located at 2152-2172 Fulford-Ganges Road on Salt Spring Island. We are about 3km west of Fulford Harbour. (How to get to EcoReality.)

If arranged in advance, we can probably pick you up from the ferry in one of our biodiesel vehicles. We encourage carpooling, hitch-hiking, walking, and cycling (be very visible and very careful- the roads are NOT cycle friendly).

If you work at EcoReality for six hours a day on a number of different activities that have been agreed upon in advance, you receive a night's lodging and three meals in exchange for your work. We generally can't have work for you without prior arrangement.

If you are not a working guest, we suggest a voluntary contribution to help us defray costs: overnight accommodation suggestions are $25/night per person indoors and $5/night per person camping. Meal donation suggestions are $7 breakfast, $9 lunch, $9 dinner, per person. These costs are well below that of other accommodations on the island.

Please refer to the welcome letter for more information on what to expect when you arrive. Note: We prefer if volunteers and visitors bring their own sheets and pillowcases/pillows or sleeping bags unless pre-arranged, thanks!

For more details on working on the farm, please see work parties.

Also see our volunteer FAQ. We request that people coming primarily as volunteers complete our volunteer application, so we have emergency contact info, etc.

If you would like to visit, volunteer, or join us in a work party, please contact us or call 250-653-2024.

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