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Sienna only minutes old
Sienna Jade Cowan (daughter of James Cowan and Shannon Cowan, former members of EcoReality) is a sprightly, active child with an immense awareness of others, and of the world of discovery. She stands for peace-in-motion, and peace-in-communication. She is a communicator, a noise-maker with a purpose! She is full of laughter, and quick to react to emotion, physical stimuli and language. She demonstrates mobile grace with her movement as a crawler before 7 months of age, and a determination to do the yoga asana known as "downward dog" which places her feet firmly on Mother Earth...ready for more!!

She arrived in the world at 9:27pm on April 13, 2006 in a tub of water in her city house on Maple Street with the assistance of some brilliant women- Gramma Judi, our doula, our wonderful midwife Kat and a midwife student. Oh and Dad too. The weather was stormy outside, we had a great mix of music on the cd player and some organic pizza on the table. The birth was free of stress or complications, just a lot of focused hard work by Shannon and the wonder of nature.

Being a child of organic loving parents, Sienna has a lot of books, a lot of wooden toys and gets outside often. At 10 months the highlights these days are going to music class and parent and baby Kundalini yoga. She currently stays home with papa James most of the time while Shannon works.

Sienna is a part time practicer of diaper free. I say part time because it is an ongoing process that has pee on the carpet one day, in the toilet the next (yay) and on her clothes the next. We highly recommend the process to anyone, starting whenever works including the day the baby is born.

Sienna with her maternal grandfather Rick at 5months of age

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