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Osha left EcoReality in 2009. We wish her well in her new endeavour as a mortgage broker!

Hi there, I'm Osha and I became a member of EcoReality in June of 2008. I have been quoted as saying "I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm not about to stop!" That pretty much sums it up. EcoReality came to me out of nowhere. I had put intention out into the universe that I would like to find a community and had been casually researching co-housing and ecovillages in B.C. My mad-scientist husband Justin and I had visited a few, but nothing spoke to us. Then we met Jan and Carol without really knowing what they were up to. We started sniffing around, asking tons and tons of questions that were already carefully answered on the website, and took to hanging around EcoReality Lite, still a little unclear as to what would come of all of it. Then we met the new land, fell in love at first sight, and basically proposed.

My upbringing is really what instilled my desire for an alternative community. My mom was a big ole' hippy and I was a love child of the late '70s. My childhood was spent in a variety of different community settings from a series of communal houses to a treehouse cluster community in the jungle of Maui. I was born in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California and lived in Hawaii, Arizona, Florida and Georgia, spending the better part of my teenage years in Atlanta. My mom ended up living in a co-housing ecovillage in Atlanta and that was where I experienced the beauty of a functional intentional community with environmental ideals. I loved her community and the family of friends that she built there, but it took the birth of my daughter to make me realize that I wanted this too. She transformed my life and I suddenly became aware of how valuable community really is. To be able to open the front door and know that my child could could wander out and play and be safe and be loved by everyone, that is priceless!

Right now I live in Vancouver and am lucky enough to be a full-time mom to my little Lily. Justin and I moved here in 2004 when he got offered an amazing job doing fuel cell research for the Canadian government. We left the USA behind with no regrets, except for missing our families and the good Southern food. We love living in British Columbia, we are definitely some of the most blessed pople on earth.

Before I left the professional world I worked in public relations, marketing, communications, and most recently worked as a wine consultant. I'm really passionate about food. I love to cook, to read about cooking, to eat, to grow food, to talk about food, to visit other people who like to grow, cook and eat food, I think you get the idea! I also like to be crafty with things like sewing and knitting, which I have learned to enjoy since becoming a momma[[Image:.]]

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