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Here is a list of my published works. The "Title" is a link to the full text of the work. Click on a triangle in any column header to sort by that column.

Date Type Title Publication Abstract
2011-09-01 Agriculture Got Raw Milk? Legal Issues Drive Community Supported Dairies BC Organic Grower, V14N4 It is illegal to sell or even to give away unpasteurized milk in Canada. But it is legal to drink raw milk from an animal you own. This is driving the creation of cow- and goat-sharing arrangements.
2008-06-01 Permaculture Our Zero-Waste Chicken Camper Communities Magazine, #139 How do you keep your chickens safe from predators, collect their eggs easily, and at the same time fer- tilize large areas? And how do you do this on a shoestring budget wille conserving resources? This article describes the construction of a mobile chicken coop, made from found materials.
2008-05-01 Press Release Community farm on Salt Spring becoming EcoReality Island Tides, V20N8 Press release announcing EcoReality Co-op’s acquisition of 43 acres.
2007-05-01 Energy Can Living in Community Make a Difference in an Age of Peak Oil? Finding Community: How to join an Ecovillage or Intentional Community, Appendix B, pp 229-234, ISBN 978-0-86571-578-3 Community survival during the coming energy decline excerpted for this "how to" book on joining an intentional community.
2006-05-10 Fiction Jan's Vision Award-winning vision of a future where energy resources have been depleted.
2006-03-01 Energy An Energy Primer: How We Consume Our Ancient Sunlight Communities Magazine, #130 How energy works, explained in terms of intentional community.
2006-03-01 Energy Community Survival During the Coming Energy Decline Communities Magazine, #130 Ecovillages and other intentional communities often go to great lengths to be “green.” But does that actually mean that they will survive well as fossil energy goes into decline? This article discusses the pros and cons of intentional community in a time of general contraction due to energy starvation.
1997-09-01 Computer As If Progress Mattered Smalltalk Report, The, V6N10 Users are impatient; let them know you're busy, but do it with a general purpose framework, rather than a special case progress indicator.
1997-07-01 Management Frameworks Are Grown, Not Born Smalltalk Report, The, V6N9 Most frameworks in common use have evolved into usefulness over a long time period. Most frameworks that are built by volition by large groups, to be used by decree, end up in the dustbin.
1997-06-01 Management Cafeteria Stage, The Smalltalk Report, The, V6N8 It isn't always obvious that things are going wrong, but if your team spends a lot of time huddled in the company cafeteria, take it as a warning sign!
1997-05-01 Computer It Depends on the Context Smalltalk Report, The, V6N7 When you can't seem to get all the information you need to make a method work, it may seem like the method needs to behave differently "depending on the context." This is Smalltalk -- you have the Context!
1997-03-01 Management Keeping Good People Smalltalk Report, The, V6N6 Skilled people are your most valuable resource. Most people are fairly loyal when treated fairly, but once they've decided to look around, it's already too late.
1997-02-01 Computer Software Review ENVY/QA -- What Is It? Smalltalk Report, The, V6N5 ENVY/QA provides a powerful combination of quality assurance tools for VisualWorks and IBM Smalltalk.
1997-01-01 Management Architects Versus Coders Smalltalk Report, The, V6N4 People have different skills, but be careful about creating a caste system where senior people do architecture and junior people write code.
1996-09-01 Computer SmallDoc Web Serving Smalltalk Report, The Maintaining your documentation in your code repository, combined with a general-purpose TCP/IP server framework, results in open documentation throughout your organization.
1996-08-01 Computer Smalltalk as an Internet Server Smalltalk Report, The Mainframes and terminals are tired, client-server is wired. With a simple TCP-based server framework, you can concentrate on the service you provide, without getting bogged down in server details.
1996-06-01 Computer Documents on the Web Smalltalk Report, The, V5N8 Two important principles of design documentation is that it be current and accessible. Getting your documents on the web can help fulfill these principles, if it is seen as a means, rather than an end.
1996-05-01 Management Beware The Octopus Smalltalk Report, The, V5N7 If your organization has system diagrams with a bunch of circles connected by lines to a central circle, it may not be ready for object thinking.
1996-04-01 Management Demo Trap, The Smalltalk Report, The, V5N6 Smalltalk's legendary productivity is a two-edged sword -- corporate cultures that are used to "GUI is hard" may assume the project is done upon first prototype, or may keep you "churning GUI" without allowing enough time for proper modelling.
1996-02-01 Management "Special" Team Members Smalltalk Report, The, V5N5 Creative people can be a mixed blessing; their insight often comes wrapped in a demanding personality. Through its enhanced productivity, Smalltalk amplifies both the advantages and disadvantages of team members. Here are some coping strategies for some of these "special" people.
1996-01-01 Computer Case for Open Development Environments, A Smalltalk Report, The, V5N4 The Smalltalk market is maturing, and Smalltalk vendors envy the relative ease of supporting shrink wrap compilers and libraries. A long tradition of access to Smalltalk source code may be disappearing before our eyes.
1995-11-01 Computer Book Review Smalltalk With Style Smalltalk Report, The, V5N3 Every group doing Smalltalk needs a copy of this book. Beginning Smalltalkers should read it cover to cover.
1995-10-01 Management Exploiting Stability Smalltalk Report, The, V5N2 Successful team Smalltalk demands that synchronization and coordination take place during periods of maximum stability. Here are some techniques for detecting and making best use of such stability.
1995-09-01 Computer Managing Project Documents 2 Smalltalk Report, The, V4N10 Formal project documentation is a fact of life in larger projects. Here are some ideas and code for implementing a hypertext like literate programming environment for maintaining Smalltalk project documentation.
1995-07-01 Computer Managing Modifications Smalltalk Report, The, V4N9 Any project of moderate complexity will at some point need to change the vendor's Smalltalk code. This can be painful, especially when the vendor releases a new version. Here's some techniques for managing base image changes.
1995-06-01 Computer Managing Project Documents 1 Smalltalk Report, The, V4N8 As Smalltalk projects scale, the need for formal project documentation increases. Here are some principles and guidelines for producing, maintaining, and using project documentation in Smalltalk.
1995-02-01 Computer Panel Discussion How Does Smalltalk Scale? Smalltalk Solutions 1995 This panel, moderated by Ken Auer of Knowledge Systems Corporation, discussed panelists' experiences with large Smalltalk systems. Ken asked us each to prepare to answer the three questions that are the titles of my slides.
1995-02-01 Computer Tutorial Smalltalk in the Large Smalltalk Solutions Conference (tutorial) As Smalltalk projects grow, they tend to hit the "Smalltalk productivity wall" -- the point at which added resource does not contribute proportionately to project progress. This can happen at any point between three to six or more developers. This tutorial defines the problem, surveys available products, and provides generic and customized practical solutions, ranging from simple code management techniques to advanced use of ENVY/Developer. This tutorial is for experienced Smalltalk developers, project leaders, integrators, and managers who have hit (or envision hitting) the "Smalltalk productivity wall".
1993-11-01 Computer Software Review Shootout at the Mac Corral 1 Smalltalk Report, The This article explores an exciting (though vexing) newcomer to the Smalltalk world, SmalltalkAgents, from Quasar Knowledge Systems.
1993-01-01 Computer Software Review Shootout at the Mac Corral 2 Smalltalk Report, The Digitalk's Smalltalk/V Mac version 2.0 is an ambitious upgrade to version 1.2, and is a bargain, even at the full list price. Those with ongoing ST/V Mac projects should not hesitate to port to it. However, those considering new development need to ask a number of questions before settling on ST/V.
1992-09-01 Computer Software Review Object Technology's ENVY/Developer Smalltalk Report, The, V6N4 If you have between roughly four and forty Smalltalk developers on a single project, you can benefit from Envy. The larger the team, the greater the benefit. As the project leader of a successful commercial product that used embedded Smalltalk and about two dozen developers put it, "We could not have done it without Envy!"
1992-09-01 Computer The Overselling of Object Technology Object Magazine, V2N3 To succeed with any new technology, you must be prepared to surrender old assumptions -- object technology is no different. Those who, for various reasons, wish to avoid the promise of object technology can easily do so by getting trapped by these pitfalls. Those who succeed with object technology do so by viewing it as an opportunity to change old biases, as stated in these principles.
1991-08-01 Environmental The Nuclear Exchange, August 1991 Columbia Overlook, V25N4 Report of a tour of the Trojon Nuclear Plant by Sierra Club activists .
1991-06-20 Environmental Hanford doesn't need tritium-production plant The Oregonian, Thursday, June 20, 1991 An editorial on the lack of justification for building a new nuclear facility for the production of atomic weapons.
1991-06-01 Travel Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge Outdoors Illustrated, V1N1 A tour to the many all-season outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in the Mount Hood region of the Oregon Cascade mountains.
1991-06-01 Environmental The Nuclear Exchange, June 1991 Columbia Overlook, V25N3 Reports of nuclear energy talks presented to two Oregon high schools.
1988-11-01 Computer Software Review Taste of Smalltalk, A, Object-Oriented Programming From The Bottom Up Micro Cornucopia, The Micro Technical Journal, #44 An overview of the basic features of Smalltalk.
1986-01-01 Computer 68000 Coding Conventions Dr. Dobb's Toolbook of 68000 Programming, Chapter 11, pp 285-302 ISBN 0-13-216649-6 Guidelines and standards suggested for writing and maintaining Motorola MC68000 assembly code.
1986-01-01 Computer The Worm Memory Test Dr. Dobb's Toolbook of 68000 Programming, Chapter 16, pp 341-356 ISBN 0-13-216649-6 Description and code of a unique memory test that overlays itself while it is executing.

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