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What I'm doing and what I've done.
Greg Greene driving a shift in Veggie Van Gogh in between shooting scenes for Escape From Suburbia.

Gregory Greene - director/writer

Greg Greene is a Toronto-based filmmaker with a background in social and political documentaries. His television credits include BRAVO!'s acclaimed arts series Arts & Minds, MUCHMUSIC's documentary series Musicians in the War Zone and more recently Suhail's Jihad.

His award-winning documentary on energy resource depletion, End of Suburbia, has taken the indy world by storm, and has a growing cult of followers, showing the film to small groups of friends at living-room screenings, as well as at major film festivals.

A sequel, Escape From Suburbia, was released in 2007, and features EcoReality co-founders Carol Wagner and Jan Steinman.

Greg hopes these films will provoke discussion about the coming oil crisis and what can be done.

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