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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20090131.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
Contact WikiSysop to make small corrections (spelling, grammar, etc.) or add an agenda item to re-visit this agreement at an appropriate meeting.

Each month, we have a different theme. These themes are often chosen to reflect seasonal activities (fall harvest, preserving, canning, planting, etc.) or special events (Permaculture course, consensus workshop, etc.) with the idea that the month's facilitator can reflect upon that theme in many of the month's activities and agendas.

We noticed that the theme was often "blown off" and didn't get much focus and attention, and so decided at the 2009 winter retreat that each month should have a "theme steward," to serve as champion for that theme, making sure the facilitator was aware of any special needs of the theme topic, perhaps helping to schedule theme-related activities or workshops, perhaps writing a theme-related newsletter article, etc.

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