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How to use

  1. Dial 1-712.432.0600
  2. When prompted for "access code," enter 431256#
  3. At the tone, say your first name.

There will be no bill or charges, but you will have normal long distance charges.

Conference call etiquette

  • Be somewhere quiet. Background noises can be very distracting to the whole group.
  • Know how to use the mute button on your phone in case there are background noises or if you want to have an offiline conversation.
  • Cell phones and speakerphones are not ideal because they often pickup a lot of background noise. If you use one of these options please have the mute button ready.
  • When you join the call please say your name.
    • Others will hear a "bling" sound as new people join, and should pause their speech long enough for the newcomer to identify.
  • Each time you speak, say your name so we know who is speaking. A lot of voices sound alike so it can be tough to determine who's talking.
  • If you must interrupt, quickly say your name, and wait for the facilitator to recognize you.
  • The facilitator may ask the group to go "round-robin" or "talking stick" style, thus hearing from everyone.

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