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This entire page is moved to Coop rules/16 Directors/Change to Rule 85

– comments from Mark in purple

* In Support: I have heard comment to the effect of "we lack a clearly defined set of expectations for how non-resident members will contribute to EcoReality." I can resonate with that. I support a clear understanding of how any non-resident member (should the practice even be continued indefinitely) would interact with the coop.
* Suggestion: having something like the Cooperative Association Act to lean on, for info on which decisions come before the entire group for consensus, does seem a helpful resource. I believe it's tough to expect that it will singlehandedly resolve all existing quandaries about this idea in the sense of what's "right" for EcoReality.
* Request: I'd like to know more about how it is – practically – the Cooperative Association Act will address knowing which decisions to bring before which group.
* Request: to seek consensus on the definition of the Problem Statement before proceeding with agreement process.

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