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Items to discuss in regards to transferring ownership of livestock from individuals to co-op:

  • Short, medium and long term goals and capacity of the co-op in owning and managing animals. What/who will determine the increase, decrease, or new implementation of animals.
  • Feelings about the current situation at hand and the long term goals of the co-op
  • Timeline- Date to be chosen (mostly for financial reasons)
  • Financial matters- Capital costs (fencing, shelter, feeding & watering structures, milking stands etc), ongoing structure costs (repairs, maintenance), and feeding. Determine whether all costs will fit into current animal budget of $600. Determine capitol improvement budget for each set of animals. Veterinary costs (let's hope it's not necessary).
  • Harvesting- What is the calculation for determining who gets how much of what edible item the animal(s) produce?
    • Things to consider:
      • Labour put into care of animals
      • Other discussion (not had as of March 6) about farm produce, its value and how members buy or barter for it
  • Stewardship. Will there be one animal steward or a steward for each kind of animal?
  • Caring for animals. How does the steward manage a care schedule? How can members get involved with caring for animals?
  • Locations- Where will the animals live or pasture during the different seasons? Who determines their rotation or permanent dwelling location (animal steward, farm steward, garden steward, splooge steward).

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