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This is the brainstorming space for creating a study group on Sustainable Agriculture.

I am interested in creating a discussion here with Ecoreality members and advisory council about the nature of a study group on sustainable agriculture - specific to the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. We may include in our discussions readings and information/resources from existing farmers/communities and individuals who are involved in local, organic agricultural movements: e.g. Dan Jason at Saltspring Seeds, Michael Ableman (Madrona Farm, Saltspring Island), George Zebroff (Fraser Valley), etc. We may also include discussion of the role of different types of practices (e.g. seed-saving, heirloom and heritage seed varieties, biodiversity conservation, companion planting, crop rotation, etc. etc.).

Please brainstorm with me what areas for discussion might be relevant! Here are some questions arising for me:

- What governmental and non-governmental financial support is there for increasing small-scale local food production in the Gulf Islands?

- What kind of land clearing is sustainable for agriculture in the Gulf Islands?

- How many agricultural organic inputs are produced locally in the islands or the lower mainland of BC?

- What are some examples of ways in which local sustainable farmers care for their soil health?

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