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Websites about sustainable practices

When adding a link, please format it like one of the existing ones, write a brief review, and put it in alphabetical order. Please also add your signature and time stamp, via --~~~~ (two dashes and four tildes), which will automatically expand to your name and timestamp. Contact Jan Steinman for help if needed.

Bamboo Benefits  
Many links to articles, including some on how to fasten bamboo to take advantage of its great tensile strength, mostly using bolts, straps, and concrete filling at the fastenings. Some poor translations from German, but with good pictures. If used with care, it can outperform aluminum tubing for less than 1% of the energy content.
Context Institute 
The originator of the ecovillage concept, Robert Gillman, formed the Context Institute to further the goals of sustainability. The full text of over 1,000 articles published over more than two decades can be searched. --Jan Steinman
EarthStar Primal Habitat 
EarthStar Primal Habitat - one couple doing it all! It also has some great links, like the Humanure Handbook, which I have ordered. --Carol Wagner 17:15, 6 Mar 2005 (PST)
Ecocosm Dynamics Links Directory 
huge directory of thousands of categorized ecology related links. --Jan Steinman
Ecological Footprint 
Estimate your ecological footprint on the Earth! From the book entitled Our Ecological Footprint by Dr William Rees (UBC professor) and Mark Wackernagel, New Society Publishers, 1995. Also, click on sustainability to read an excerpt of Dr. Rees' profound lectures.
A New Zealand non-profit, dedicated to the ethics and principles of sustainability, provides edible landscaping services, permaculture certification, natural living training, and many other classes and services in sustainable living. --Jan Steinman 10:27, 30 Jul 2005 (PDT)
Hope In The Face Of Disaster – Creating A Sustainable, Viable, Future Path For Civilisation 
The popular site, Zero Hedge, paints a dismal picture of the various limits that humanity is facing, and presents some constructive responses.
Life Rules 
Ellen LaConte's website supporting her brilliant book of the same name that shows that humans don't make the rules on Earth, life does, and if we don't start following life's rules, we may not be able to live.
Hobbit Homes and TerraCobba Designs 
Natural Building,Sculpture & Design. This site has great photos of cob houses!
Holmgren Design Services 
The source of permaculture vision and innovation. The co-founder (with Bill Mollison) of the concept of permaculture has tons of great resources on this site, including a PDF archive of his past newsletters.
Home Made Power Tools and Machines 
Free plans to equip a good workshop starting from mostly junk. The same approach can be used for sustainable energy work.
Home Power Logo.gif
Home Power Magazine 
This magazine is the leading source of small, independent energy systems for the home user. Their website features a number of articles from recent issues, as well as many other resources.
How to Survive the Crash and Save the Earth 
One of many interesting essays by Ran Prieur about what is happening to our environment, and how to cope with it.
Permaculture Activist logo.jpg
Permaculture Activist 
The number one source for all things Permaculture, and publisher of Permaculture Activist magazine. "Our purpose is to provide information to liberate people everywhere to provide for their own & their communities' needs for food, energy, shelter, & a decent life without exploitation or pollution & from the smallest practical area of land." Jan Steinman 22:44, 22 February 2008 (PST)
Permaculture Activist Bookstore 
This is a great collection of books, from village design and construction, to sustainable farming, to natural building, to videos and CDs, to community issues, and much more. Each book has a short review. It made me want to go buy them all! --Jan Steinman
Population Growth as a Problem 
This is a link to an article in Mother Earth News about the increasing problem regarding population growth. --Carol Wagner 10 Oct 2008
The Simpler Way 
Working for transition from consumer society to a simpler, more cooperative, just, and ecologically sustainable society. True to its name, this site lacks graphics or sophisticated formatting, yet manages to draw a blueprint for a sustainable future. --Jan Steinman 13:53, 23 May 2005 (PDT)
The Sustainability Institute 
Founded by visionary author Donella Meadows, (Limits to Growth, Beyond the Limits) this organization focuses on understanding the root causes of unsustainable behavior, and to helping humanity move toward sustainability. The complete works of Donella Meadows are on this site. --Jan Steinman 08:22, 29 Jul 2005 (PDT)
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture is a web site devoted to exploring the relationship between ecology and sustainability, and how we can apply these values to our daily lives. It is our goal to nourish and strengthen ecologically oriented design, construction and lifestyle choices. SustainableABC is devoted to: Developing a community of eco-conscious citizens; Building bridges between the public and professionals in the fields of sustainable construction, architecture and environmental protection (eco-professionals); and Developing tools for eco professionals to network with each other. --Added on: 24-Jan-2004
UBC Camups Sustainability Office 
To earn the respect of future generations for the ecological, social and economic legacy we create. This site is working towards making the University of British Columbia more sustainable. It features numerous links and information about energy management, green building, waste management, and others. They have a subgroup called SEEDS (Social, Ecological, Economic Development Studies), a student/staff/faculty group that works toward sustainability. I have written them to see if we could collaborate. --Jan Steinman 11:05, 3 Jun 2005 (PDT)
Veggie Van Gogh 
Veggie Van Gogh is transportation, warehouse, and living quarters for Carol Wagner and Jan Steinman, gypsy artisans who criss-cross North America, peddling their wares at arts & crafts festivals, powered by waste vegetable oil that they scavenge from behind restaurants along the way. Included on the site are schematics, design notes, parts sources, and biofuel links, as well as many photos of this evolving project. A short QuickTime video illustrates the painting of Veggie Van Gogh. --Jan Steinman
Walton Feed 
A supplier of dehydrated food and food preservation and processing supplies and equipment, this website also features a lot of information about nutrition, especially for vegetarians, with details and recipes for getting the essential fatty acids that are difficult for vegetarians to incorporate into their diet.
Wiki Green 
This Wiki is intended as both a source and repository for information about intentional Sustainable community, the nitty-gritty of growing things, making things, fixing things and making it all work. This Wiki is also international in nature and not limited to any one country. --Janemail 14:50, 11 April 2006 (PDT)

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