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[x] Minutes:20051203: ACTION: Shannon to arrange training 1st week Feb with Renee Minot or Tree Bressen. 778-883-6753 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Shannon to add study group stuff -- TABLED pending wiki training (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: NEW ACTION: Shannon will call Advisory Council to do above. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Shannon contact facilitation/consensus trainers: James left messages for René, but have received no reply. Shannon will contact Tree on an initial consultation basis to see what might work. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Shannon sent out meeting dates to advisory council DONE (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060209: Shannon and James to investigate HRDC grant for RRSPs to see if feasible for co-op model first time home buying venture and to investigate tenants in common also (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060209: Shannon and James to determine amount they will be able to invest in purchase of this property (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION: Shannon agreed to further wordsmith guidance documents page to better explain the now frozen values, vision, mission, and purpose pages. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060603: ACTION: Shannon will investigate organic certification process (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060708: NEW ACTION Shannon to investigate following about certification process: (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060708: NEW ACTION Shannon to book a venue for DLC Aug 18th evening public talk - done, Lion's Hall Saltspring Island - $25/hr for four hours starting 6pm (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061104: Shannon will come up with an average guest-person-day expense with Carol's help. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061104: Shannon will maintain a guest log on the calendar in the garden log book with Carol's help. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070203: Shannon and Carol will develop Timesheet, map of saltspring, ferry schedule, welcome letter. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070203: Shannon making template hardcopy spreadsheet for keeping track . (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070203: Shannon making a checklist for welcoming wwoofers. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070303: newsletter article on food security (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070303: will make timesheet for WWOOFers, maps & welcome letter done (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070303: will make template for tracking costs & meals (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070303: checklist for welcoming WWOOFers to be put on wiki (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070505: Shannon will contact Dan Jason about doing a seed saving workshop. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070505: Shannon will contact possible trainers for lavender work party. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070707: Update the visitor information so it is clear that we welcome working visitors, and are not simply cheap accommodation for people having fun on Salt Spring. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070929: Set up project page for garden planning calendar. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070929: Set up brainstorming session for garden planning. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20071124: Shannon to look for minutes that state whether or no family pays when visiting. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080725: Shannon Cowan will formulate and circulate proposal for Tree Bressen EcoReality Workshop (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080807: Ask Gavin about gravel. Is there a good source of gravel on the property? (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080808: Email for consensus on Adam Perry August 31 event (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20081003: Shannon will start a Birthdays page. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090104: Shannon will email Jan her manual on carsharing. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Shannon will call ISI to find out who Ashley’s supervisor is before this Wednesday and get more details about the farm policy. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Shannon will talk to Gavin about composted manure by Wednesday this week. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090131: All members and involved parties will read insurance policies and will get feedback back to Shannon by February 14th so she can get back to our insurance agent by the end of February. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090131: New members names and pertinent info need to be added to our insurance policy. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Our insurance agent has a concern about some items being owned cooperatively and some individually. Shannon will clarify with her that at this time most item are owned individually and will notify her when this changes. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Shannon will write a Wiki page about possible farm value trade equivalents specifically with Gavin and possibly other local/non-local people. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Shannon will seek Noj’s feedback about her experience. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090201: Shannon will send a list to all residents so all can know what our food restrictions and possibilities are in the next weeks. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090208: We need to prepare the site for where raspberries are going to go. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090208: We will bring soil from the berm followed by mulch for raspberries. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090222: 9am Tuesday morning Shannon, Carol and Jan will map the placement of the raspberries yet to go in and a tractor lane. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090301: Shannon will add farm & garden items to the agenda before the meeting and will ensure that it is placed earlier in the agenda so it isn’t a tag on at the end of the meeting anymore. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Shannon Cowan to ask Rudy to go to lumber store to get tarp(s), especially to cover turf pile by white house. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090315: Shannon will steward the set up of dining space for ING potluck. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090315: Shannon will complete soil test plan project page. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090322: Shannon will make a courtesy call to Gavin about picking up manure during one of our work parties. We would like to use Gavin’s front loader if possible. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090503: Shannon Cowan will have conversation with Meg about getting her well plumbed into her system (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090503: Shannon Cowan will update whiteboard task list at yellow house (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090503: Shannon Cowan will steward themed conversation about process/conflicts involving goat management/planning (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090503: Shannon Cowan will create means and space for this conversation (how agreements are made at Residents level regarding any long term guests with intentions of membership) with the whole membership (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090517: Shannon Cowan will take bucket marked Morningside Bakery to Manon for regular coffee ground refilled. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090517: Shannon Cowan will coordinate with Gavin and inform rez of timing and requirements for irrigation test and hay request. Shannon to tell him Jan is willing to help with electrical repair to trailer. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090517: Shannon Cowan will coordinate with Gavin and inform rez of timing and requirements for irrigation test and hay request. Shannon to tell him Jan is willing to help with electrical repair to trailer. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090531: (abandoned) Shannon Cowan will revise proposal for farm profit center budget ideas on garden income via email and offline conversations and place on next Rez meeting agenda for further discussion. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090619: Shannon Cowan will revise Process and Communication Guidelines wiki page for July 10 teleconf. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090619: Shannon Cowan will translate her communications model proposal timeline to a table on a new wiki page. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090621: Shannon Cowan will do care of chickens July 3-10 and get retrained July 1 or 2 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Shannon Cowan will steward Chicken care for July 3-10 inclusive (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Shannon Cowan will assemble the bamboo and flagging tape to mount locators for lawn sprinkler heads when they pop up (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Shannon Cowan will put the possiblity of family and friends attending the August Member's weekend on the agenda for July 10 teleconf (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Shannon Cowan Jan Steinman and Dennis Lucarelli will meet to combine proposals on Coop rules/16 Directors/Change to Rule 85 and Essential stewardships this coming week, to be scheduled by Shannon (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Shannon Cowan will steward scheduling for this planning meeting July 13, 14 or 15 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090717: Shannon will move information that is not directly a part of the agreement "Shannon's communication model" to the discussion tab and will resolve red links. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090717: When requested changes to Shannon's communication model are complete, Shannon will put this on another agenda. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090818: Shannon Cowan will find out about their needs for the money & put on the agenda for end of month meeting to decide which option. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090818: Shannon Cowan will send out links for reading & place on agenda for agreement. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091019: Shannon Cowan will place on agenda parking lot: Perform critical group assessment of "values" and "mission" documents (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091026: Shannon Cowan Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091110: Shannon Cowan Shannon and Susie Anne will discuss white house property tax split and pay EcoReality back by end November. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091110: Shannon Cowan Shannon will work (with Dennis together as facilitation team) to craft a meeting format for discussing Labour policy agreement at the meeting of Nov 23 to achieve the desire expressed in the group to make it simpler, easy to explain and understand and encompassing the needs of all different types of residents and members. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091123: Shannon Cowan Submit budget requests for 2010 to Carol By Dec 8. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091130: (abandoned) Shannon Cowan Shannon will present Tree Bressen budget and business model by Dec 21. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091207: Clarify expectations of wood shed barter with Christopher and email such before Friday. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091207: Shannon will determine if she wants to carry her UBC class event at EcoReality forward by next week's meeting, and will create a project page with expected budgets and revenue sources. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091207: Shannon will schedule a meeting with Jan to talk about development and fund raising strategy. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091228: Shannon Cowan Complete 2009 stewardship report(s) by Jan 15, 2010 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100104: (abandoned) Set up meeting (with agenda) with Justine. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Shannon Cowan will transcribe the notes we made on the flipchart for creating the Cold Call portion of our Rap Sheet from tonight and send them out for review by email. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Shannon Cowan, Jan Steinman, and Carol Wagner will transcribe retreat flipchart minutes from Winter Retreat 2010 and enter them on the WIKI. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Shannon Cowan will have the first draft of her annual reports complete by the end of January 2010. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Shannon Cowan will write something by Saturday morning, January 23, 2010 on group process for the newsletter. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100201: Shannon Cowan will continue with steps 1-3 of the will update the time lines on the Action Plan: Individual Funders to be current. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100201: ** Shannon has a list of possible donating companies and places to advertise that she will pass to Jan. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100201: Shannon Cowan will continue with steps 1-3 of the Action Plan: Individual Fundersat this time and is looking for feedback about whether this is all too much for us at this time considering the changes afoot in the community. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100215: Shannon Cowan will make change in rapsheet final document and re-send to read 8000 kg hay, 2000 food (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100223: Shannon Cowan Next week we will discuss the possibility of a yard sale in later March or April. Shannon will add this to the agenda. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100223: Shannon Cowan Shannon will contemplate how much further involvement she will have in the garden including the garlic and report back next week. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100223: Shannon Cowan and Carol will work together to divide up seeds from the garden which includes Brenden's seeds. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20100223: Shannon Cowan Shannon will investigate member share redemption Co-op Rules Rule 39 and Rule 13 appear to be in conflict. Shannon will draft a letter to James Pusuta about member share redemption legalities. (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Old to do: file for incorporation DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Shannon Cowan)
[x] Old to do: establish Ecology steward page DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Shannon Cowan)

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