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[x] Minutes:20100607: Rudy will clean out under Moby and put stuff out by the road for free. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20100908: Seal roof on mobile trailer with Ron's permission. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Pull up and sort out irrigation from NE field. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20110315: Rudy to work at cleaning out green Ikea building (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20111130: Take down destroyed hoop house in East Field. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20111130: Build a simple pallet compost bin in the East Field, and put the greenery from the destroyed hoop house into it. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Take out the makeshift hoop house and organize the materials for other use. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120302: The new compost bins will start at the end of Rudy's garlic plantation, and proceed to the west, along the south fence. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120302: The manure pile near the current shed location will be worked into beds as they are made, or can be moved to the new compost bins. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Rudy will remove all the material from the south end of the west fence that was used for supporting tomatoes, and organize the irrigation supplies against this fence. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Dig hole for new gate hinge posts in west fence of east field. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120307: Take extra wheel off goat shed II and scour the scrap places for a rough match. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20120704: Rudy will scout for tennis balls to top T-posts being used as anchors. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20130819: Trellis tomatoes along the aisle in the west room of greenhouse. (Rudy Siegers)
[x] Minutes:20130826: Trellis tomatoes along the aisle in the west room of greenhouse. (Rudy Siegers)

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