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[ ] Minutes:20120912: Weld camlock connectors onto 3" diesel pump in and out manifolds. (Jan Steinman)
[ ] Minutes:20210110: Jan will send Michael contact info for potential resident-funders. (Jan Steinman)
[ ] Minutes:20210110: Jan will provide Michael with a generic product list for on-line sales in the next week. (Jan Steinman)
[ ] Minutes:20210110: Jan will provide Michael with "solid" numbers within two weeks. (Jan Steinman)
[ ] Minutes:20210110: Jan will seek advice on this from co-op experts. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051105: ACTION: Jan Steinman will set up a wiki (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: Jan to include meeting dates in the letter of invitation to existing advisory council and any new possible members, to invite them to the advisory meeting. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: Jan to place draft skills inventory document on WIKI (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: Jan to put resources inventory on wiki and to add this purpose/cover letter in the application procdedure invitation package for new members: that it will be used for reference and will be checked annually. Also to include online address for Myers-Briggs. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051203: ACTION Jan to make invitation email for Advisory as well <separate one> for approval by members. Special components of it to apply to existing Advisory to tell them about our member structure and our meetings to date. To invite them to the Wiki and to be part of meetings and training in the new year. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051203: Nov 5 Action: Jan to make invitation email for new members. Complete (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Jan online ref to Meyers-Briggs in membership procedure DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Jan resources inventory -- TABLED Jan still working on it (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051231: NEW ACTION: (abandoned) Jan will build time recording for the wiki based on time bank (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Carol: time recording -- Jan will take this over, presented time bank idea. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: Jan send advisory council invite]] DONE, but need to record on wiki. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20051231: NEW ACTION: Jan create land search history page (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060101: NEW ACTION: Jan will roll results into a first draft guidance documents (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060101: NEW ACTION: Jan will enter results of exercises (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060209: Jan and Carol to offer on South End Saltspring 6 acre property including house, cottage and barn to act as Ecoreality headquarters for interim group process and formation (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060305: ACTION Jan to refine the wiki coop memorandum and coop rules page to reflect any new or additional points that are available from the work Marty Frost has done with SEEDS coop agreement (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060305: Values document updating: Jan to steward this process, to email other members once completed (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION Jan: check with Henri about the bottom line -- exactly how much moolah is needed on the 28th for closing. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION Jan to update coop rules based on latest work by Marty Frost for SEEDS (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060401: NEW ACTION: Jan will follow up on property acquisition for the record, writing a property acquisition page for the wiki (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION Jan to update values with info from Advisory Council meeting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060506: ACTION: James will contact ING about hosting one of their monthly meetings. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060708: NEW ACTION Jan to create promo for Aug 19/20th to send to Advisory Council email list (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060708: NEW ACTION Jan to create advertising promo for Aug 18th DLC public talk; to submit as an AD in the Driftwood, Island Tides, Advisory email list, other bulletin boards, NICA, FIC, SEEDS, BCICA, ECONEWS, etc. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060805: NEW ACTION: Jan will implement change to resources inventory. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060805: NEW ACTION: Jan will connect watt-hour meter to cottage so that electricity can be billed separately. in progress (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060805: NEW ACTION: Jan will implement changes to financial disclosure. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20060805: NEW ACTION: Jan will implement these changes DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061002: ACTION: Jan will inspect and maintain woodstoves before heavy use this season (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061002: ACTION: Jan will mount fire extinguishers near each woodstove (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061002: ACTION: Jan will draft letter, proposing a payment plan. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061029: ACTION: Jan will implement a task priority system on wiki (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061029: ACTION: Jan will look into self-entry system on wiki (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Replace dimmers with regular switches in community room. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Closet door back on in community room after shelving goes up. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Move photo stuff out of community room. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Entertainment center to window corner of community room. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Move rowing machine to yard sale pile. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Put light in entryway closet. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Build wood/kindling storage box to get rid of ugly plastic buckets. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Move art bins somewhere. VVG? (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Build "music shelf" for rowdy instrument control. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Move dulcimer to near stereo. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Clean out shop carport for Carol's Jetta. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Put fan and lights on separate switches, inside community washroom. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061104: Jan will update schedule on wiki. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061104: If check has not cleared by Nov 11, Jan will send another letter, explaining that we are not going to pay anything unless we have an agreement on the payment plan. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061107: start a wiki page for Brochure ideas for EcoReality (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061107: Finance model needs updating. Jan to write up the ballpark investment plan for new members that will explain the long term budget and also identify potential investment plan, put snapshot of this on wiki linked to the FAQ page. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20061107: Jan to facilitate/steward publication of monthly E-newsletter (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20070303: contact Jan Taylor (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20070414: Jan and Carol agreed to draft a proposal for May 4 meeting to outline the details of this arrangement (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20070707: Update meeting pages with potluck dates (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20070804: Re-organize welcome letter. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20071124: Jan will check with his sister, Gretchen about next summers plans regarding when we will be here. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20071124: Review to do list - tabled and needs to be updated by Jan. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080126: Jan will help James & Shannon setup ICal so that we can share calenders. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080126: Jan will send out a notice that movie night and potlucks will be held on the same night - Saturday and start at 5:30 pm. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080628: Jan will revise the dwelling equity page, subject to review by members. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080628: Send format out for time logging. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080628: Jan will create a simple written agreement that specifies Rudy's habitation is for agricultural labour purposes and that it is on a month-to-month basis, depending on how much agricultural labour we need. This is specifically not an RTA, since this is for agricultural worker housing only, not permanent residence. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080802: Put kill-a-watt on Rudy's cord. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080813: (abandoned) Jan will draw up a written agreement for Qi Gong's use of the classroom. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080813: Fix broken EcoReality calendar system, and set up classroom booking system. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080830: Do marketing and PR for Tree Bressen event for public exposure (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20080905: Jan- Will organize wiki page [for program ideas]. Send Jan thoughts by email. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20081003: Jan will do a matrix system [for prioritizing] before October meeting. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090104: Jan and James agree to prepare three payment options for living in the White House for Susie Anne and Morris to look at with members. They are: a) The rental option b) the Investment Option c) the Investment option with $50,000 down. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090104: Jan will contact recent WWOOF inquiries. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090118: Jan will change agendas to have a link to past minutes so they can be more easily reviewed. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Jan or Carol will pick up James from the ferry on this Thursday at 5:35pm. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Jan and Carol are going to measure how much wood they are using. James has already done this for the White House. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Jan or Carol will drive James and Jeremy to the ferry on this Wednesday at 9:20am. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Jan will meet with Harry next week and assess if this is something we can do while Harry is away. Jan will also check out the apple trees he has offered. What kind, how old etc. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Jan still needs to go and see the berry bushes and the trees before Harry leaves. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Jan will change News to Newsletter in the website side bar (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Jan will make it easier to access the index on the website. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090201: Jan knows that we have arrivals that day. He will encourage them to come a day early. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090201: Long term – Jan, Carol and Rudy will work together to get one or both of the inoperative vehicles going. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090201: Jan will arrange for the chicken discussion to come up for again before the next resident’s meeting. He will confer with everyone to find a meeting time that can be covered by outside childcare. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090206: A mock up of the woodshed to project the shadow could be done on the computer. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090208: We are all planning to attend Seedy Saturday. We will explore carpooling in Sunshine. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090208: We need to agree on a time to get raspberries from Harry. Friday, February 20th with WWOOF help. Jan will steward this part of the process. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090208: Harry also has a 10-12 ton cedar tree cut in 8’ sections that we could have. Jan will tell him we are interested in it. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090215: Jan will add monthly Victoria trip request to members meeting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090222: Carol will provide a spread sheet for the electric meters — reassigned to Jan. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090222: Jan will compose a letter to MyKL and Laura to let them know that at this time we are not able to host them here. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090222: Jan will contact Morris directly about Taffon. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090301: Jan will go and check out the situation at Salt Spring Cheese and see if we need a tractor or wheelbarrows to move the manure. Once this is done we will assemble the work party. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Jan to inventory what is missing/needs replacement from fencing project. He will take action that is needed to replace and/or request agreement on reimbursement, etc. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Jan Steinman will call SS Cheese and set up a time for manure workparty. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Jan Steinman to contact Chris about pH test results and what that means for replacement with sand system for “splooge”. Will be in contact with people Chris has been doing research with about our system. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Jan Steinman will send Chris next steps for potential members on how to enter into prospective membership, should that interest them. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Jan Steinman agreed to send a clear email to Dennis of work hours (6 hrs/day, 6 days/wk), camping accommodations (Apr 11 or later for us is best) and with clear expectations for trial period (2 weeks) and possibility that if it is not working for either party, we can help him find a new placement in Canada. Want to be sure it is a net gain for each party. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Jan to book facilitated livestock session during next rez meeting (or other time) when childcare is avail. to go deeper into the heart of the matter. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090315: Jan will consult the building inspector about the idea of two 64’ woodsheds with 2’ in between them. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090315: Jan will ask people to bring their own serving utensils as well as their own plates and cutlery to the ING potluck. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090405: Jan will ping Dennis Taffon about show up time etc. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090405: (abandoned) Jan will contact Paul and/or get casing from Slegg and install, Shannon supporting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090405: Jan will get more willow and show apprentices how to plant it. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090412: Jan will make drawings and consult Uli, the building inspector about the idea of two 64’ woodsheds with 2’ in between them. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090426: Jan Steinman Jan will do project page or budget for DLC workshop. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090501: informal work party to remove trusses (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090503: Jan Steinman Jan will look into replacing paper filter (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090517: Jan Steinman will make poster for You me and SPP film screening May 30th 7:30 pm and send press release to Carol for posting on SSI list and more. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090517: Jan Steinman confirm time to work with Danish Dennis on the woodshed roof. Timing is critical for what was agreed with the authorities (mid month). (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090524: Contact Mindy to report water testing results and to get a new media filter. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090524: (abandoned) Create a plan for farm road dust suppression using glycerine and water. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090524: Locate appropriate places for shallow trenches and arrange for their excavation. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090524: Check over to do list in preparation for next weekend. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090531: (abandoned) Jan Steinman will offer internal short courses in teaching permaculture for members (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090531: Jan Steinman will condense provisional member Talk:Discussion page. History pages are available. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090531: Jan Steinman to put Strategic Metaplan proposal on teleconf agenda for June 5. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090607: Jan Steinman Spaceship to be dug and bathtub to be placed in space with help from rez and WWOOFers (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090607: Jan Steinman will call Mindy and request removal of Potassium Permanganate (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090607: Jan Steinman will call adhoc meeting to get agreement and a co-steward to move forward on Eco-Living Tour 2009 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090607: Jan Steinman will meet with Carol to create the vision of the uses for all/parts of the spaces in shop building and share with group (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090607: Jan Steinman will make project page for 2009 Eco-living tour (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090614: Jan Steinman will find out details about James Richardson's Permaculture field trip to EcoReality and make presentation of issue at next meeting of Resident's 20090621 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090621: Jan Steinman will work out time for Elizabeth May's visit in July and inform residents of dates as soon as confirmed. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090621: Jan Steinman will contact Jason Sneed to get dates for his WWOOF return (aiming for after July 22) inform residents as soon as possible (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Jan Steinman Jan will put Community Piano Class A share discussion/request on another agenda (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090716: Jan Steinman will prep and steward biodiesel station and tours for Aug 16 ecoliving tour (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090726: Jan Steinman Jan will make changes to the Graduated series of consequences as agreed. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090818: Jan Steinman discussion of trust account. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090825: Jan Steinman Jan will write up an entry in the WWOOF FAQ with possible editing by Dennis. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090830: Jan Steinman will do a first draft of letter to be circulated by Wednesday, 2 Sep 2009. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090901: Jan Steinman Jan will write up definition of the three words (Discussion, Proposal & Request). (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090908: Jan Steinman will set up a budget for this. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090908: Jan Steinman will follow up with James about the details. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20090927: Jan Steinman Jan will recruit a fundraiser. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091013: Jan will prepare a formal letter of interest for November (third Thurs of month) Farmers Institute board meeting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091019: Jan Steinman will integrate Shannon's draft M package details into Membership FAQ by Sunday October 26th 10 am meeting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091019: Jan Steinman will write a short section about building guidelines, circulate for comment and steward to agreement to be included in Membership FAQ (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091019: (abandoned) Jan Steinman will source and scan 2-3 different potential main residential/common building designs (envelope drawings or other) from other communities and upload to wiki and link to Membership FAQ (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091019: Jan Steinman will write a short list of amenities/features of potential main-common building units (eg. natural building materials, solar hot water, radiant floor heating, rainwater catchment, etc.) and include this in Membership FAQ (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091025: Jan Steinman Research getting an outside person to do site drawing. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091025: Jan Steinman Fix red links, update links, remove resources inventory in application procedure. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091026: Jan Steinman Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091102: Jan Steinman Prep classroom and orient Jean Claude in the classroom on Thursday Nov 5 at 6pm. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091110: Jan Steinman will add the exact wording for change to Co-Op Memorandum to minutes of Nov 2 with James as minute taker informed. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091110: (abandoned) Jan Steinman will write a proposal for class B shares issued in Land purchase fund drive and he will establish a timeline for the creation of consumer share class and write a proposal on wiki for new consumer share class. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091123: Jan Steinman Submit budget requests for 2010 to Carol By Dec 8. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091130: (abandoned) Jan Steinman Jan will create a wiki page and make proposal to the group for Supporter Membership class by Dec 15. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091130: Jan will inform James R. of our failure to agree and the objections cited. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091207: Move incomplete items forward to next meeting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091207: Jan will update meetings list for next year and fix dates for members meetings. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091214: Jan will update the website to reflect the new suggested contributions. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20091228: Jan Steinman Complete 2009 stewardship report(s) by Jan 15, 2010 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100104: New class of Supporter shares sketched out by 28 Jan. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100104: Need to establish hour rate for tractor and for what sort of things it can be billed for. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100104: Get Brenden the information he needs to re-write SEEDS so it can be a charity. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100105: Jan will help SA evaluate Fast Track Schedule and MySQL as ways for tracking priorities. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100105: Farmers Institute presentation. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100113: Jan Steinman Jan will circulate a copy of the Advisory Council list for members to select from. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Jan Steinman will send James’ annual report back and let him know that he can make revisions. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Jan Steinman will have the first draft of his annual reports complete by the end of January 2010. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100201: The emergency power project will be deferred for now and Jan will put it on another agenda. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100208: Jan Steinman will label the parts now in the pump house with Carol’s engraver. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100215: Jan Steinman to draft letter to James Pasuta for legal advice to clarify redemption requests (as accounts payable rather than investment shares) and to request meeting with him. Shannon and Jan to meet with James Pasuta to sign off at appointment. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100405: Jan will draw up a Residential Tenancy Agreement as appropriate. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100412: Jan will follow-up with Ken Conrad regarding references for the White House. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100419: Jan to fix residents' meeting template to show correct location of meetings yellow house, not white house. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100524: Jan will privately review the to do list. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100607: Jan will get together a list of big-ticket items to be sold. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100607: Jan will email Ken, reminding him of his obligations under our contract, and asking for a plan for completion with specific crops spelled out. He also needs to get time sheets in by the 15th, or no time toward his rent will be allowed for May. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100607: Jan will create real estate ad for Western Investor. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100607: Jan will create new real-estate brochure. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100607: Jan will set up database to track contacts we send to Jan Macpherson. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100615: Send EFP completion form so we can get our EFP sign. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100816: File rule changes, including addition of Class C "Supporter" shares and board of directors. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100908: Complete business plan for Jill at CCEC. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100908: Complete fencing in paddock 4 and 5. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100908: Large mobile trailer to be moved next to Rudy's trailer for the time being. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100908: Investigate procuring Up-Pup 50' manlift. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20100929: Jan to talk to Gavin about tractor time for front field. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20101103: Jan will come up with monthly themes, based on past. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20101110: Jan & Carol will put word out for used greenhouses. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20101117: (cancelled task) Jan to update brochure. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110105: Jan will put link to Varalaya Farm plus info that interns may be asked to work there on the volunteer FAQ page. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Continue planning and preparing for cheese workshop. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Reconcile and close-off yellow house skylights project. (Carol Wagner), (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Move berm dirt to greenhouse area. (Weather dependent, equipment dependent, work party.) (All), (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110309: (cancelled) Jan to advertise this event. The Economics of Happiness (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110315: Jan will contact Uli T, building inspector about greenhouse. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110503: Jan to fix irrigation leak. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110615: Jan will get member application materials together for Ron. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110615: Jan will contact Uli (building inspector) about greenhouse. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20110621: Jan will check with Andrew Sheret about status of house pump parts on order. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20111221: Jan will add necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality to the standing agenda items. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120104: Jan will send Ron a link to the language in our co-op rules that says we don't issue share certificates. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120125: Jan will file change to rules to allow transfer shares, as agreed in necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality project. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120208: Meet with Gavin and come up with a new lease. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120302: The shed that is near the present gate location will be moved against the south fence, to be used as a tool and supply shed. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Jan will survey and mark pond and swale locations in the east field; excavation to wait until things dry out. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Lay-out and mark new gate locations in west fence of east field. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120411: Jan will prepare a budget and proposal for Bioestate Tea involvement. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120411: Jan will coordinate greenhouse celebration planning with SDL and Brad & Jennifer. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120613: Pursue a chest freezer for cold/cool product storage. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120613: Design reservoir siphon starter and obtain parts in Duncan. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120613: Fix washer/dryer in white house. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120620: Write up new project page for produce cooling shed. Possible workshop. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120620: Ron needs statement of his shares, transfers, and debt against shares. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120704: Jan will smooth out rough spot on pickup canopy, with Geo's assistance. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120718: Fix handle on the hedge trimmer that keeps falling off. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120801: (postponed) Research farm stay hostelry zoning issues with Islands Trust. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120801: (postponed) Research farm stay hostelry promo and support organizations, post on SS Exchange. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120822: See if Carol still wants to do the upcoming canning workshops in September and October. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120912: Get mulch cardboard from Moats. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120912: (abandoned) Prepare handouts and posters before Saturday market for Sept 30 jelly workshop. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120912: (abandoned) Promote SSI Farm Tour via the National Organic Week website. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20120912: Get SSI Farm Tour info to Jacquie ASAP. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20121003: Ask Gavin if he has any wood we can have from his back lot. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20121010: Follow up with Jen about Reiki class on Sunday, 25 November. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20121010: Move the goat bridge, which has hardware cloth on it, to replace the chicken bridge, before weekend's predicted rain. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20130819: Get cedar slabs and bark from Shane for projects and path mulch. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20130819: Build bigger planters for Physalis. Shoot for 8' to 9', depending on what we can get from Shane. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20130819: Process garlic when it is dried enough. Any time now! (Jan Steinman)
[x] Minutes:20130819: Complete harvest of gojis and lavender drying in small greenhouse. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: GFI outlets where required (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: get rid of most dimmers; put in some motion sensors (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: fix dreary lighting (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: establish legal entity (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: establish finance ownership model (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: establish voting rules (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: establish Communications steward page DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Drain and fill pond in front of house in progress (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: draft coop memorandum and coop rules (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Create rental agreement for cottage DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: complete divider in shop (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: clothesline to trees (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: closet organizers, 4 ea, small, plus master, acquired, needs to be installed' (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: build closet in JSS's room (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Advisory Council invitation DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: 30A circuit for UPS DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Transportation steward named (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Seek coop grant money from BC Cooperative Association -- (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Membership procedure nailed down July 8 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Move step stones by big tree to match up with walkway in progress (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Property "B" offer actually, are we up to Zed yet? offer finally accepted on property) DONE (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: replace rotted baseplate and treat with fungicide, main house (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: Set up wiki DONE functional, but needs work (Jan Steinman)
[x] Old to do: vapor barrier, main house (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Introduction to Permaculture, 09:00 - 10:00 Sat 13 June (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Work out closing ceremony ideas with Susie Anne and Morris (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Make a stand for the stainless sink and create a wash station environment for the porta-potty (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Work on "cheat sheet" handouts for the event (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Assess and make necessary signage (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Classroom support — flip charts, pens, AV, etc. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Talk:Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612: Ferry transport Friday 12:05 and Saturday 12:15 (Jan Steinman)
[x] Sandbox: Here is a task. (Jan Steinman)
[x] Test:Tasks: Take out the garbage (Jan Steinman)

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