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[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: James to draft a document about Pets and Population with intention not enforcement towards population reduction and carrying capacity. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: James to call Colin. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: NEW ACTION: James will enter his drafts on wiki as proposal. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: James: pets & population statement, has draft, Twin Oaks has formal 5:1 aduld:child ratio. Will contact Diana as well. Added dependents ratio to the mix. Palliative/hospice care, etc. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: James call Colin Hamilton to see their involvement level. Colin's Dad is in intriguing possibility. Also mentioned Owen Thomas and Loren as possibly involved. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060209: James to confirm with other potential members, Colin and Wendi, whether they are open to Saltspring option for land criteria as #1 (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060305: ACTION James to follow up as steward to request notes from Feb 11 consensus workshop with Renee (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION: James follow up with Renee: James has contacted her and received a reply via email, forwarded to members. Renee will email us the notes from that meeting so they can be entered. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION: James to come up with a program for the May AGM on Salt Spring (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060506: ACTION: James will investigate getting EcoReality into the official WWOOF organization. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060506: ACTION: James will come up with draft worker/wwoofer/visitor guidelines (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060506: ACTION: James will work out a work party schedule around EcoReality and ING meetings. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060603: James & Sean fix leaking irrigation system by cottage carport (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20060708: NEW ACTION James to archive whiteboard; Garden Log handwritten account on paper - to put this on wiki by Aug 5th (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061002: ACTION: James will prepare a membership FAQ on wiki by next meeting (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061002: ACTION: James & Jed will come to some agreement for the value of his work on wood for work-trade (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Closet in S bedroom. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Extend shelving under counter in S bedroom. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Carpeting in S bedroom. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Create a care schedule with fridge magnets or existing wet-erase planning chart. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Arrange a meeting with Daniel on Monday, to communicate these things (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061104: Carol and James will prepare a check and send out the WWOOF application. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061107: James to create a FAQ on the wiki with "clear" plain english statements that will explain things like "how much will it cost?", "how long is the trial period?", and "how does a member leave if they really wish to?" etc. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061107: James to modify Advisory Council Brainstorm up on whiteboard for Process and Communication and to create out of this a proposal for "guidelines in process and communication for ecoreality" that will be discussed at next members meeting, for eventual integration with the membership agreement that all members are to sign. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061202: James will enter next year's schedule on wiki. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20061202: James will book DLC and manage the process. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070303: newsletter article on Diana's workshop (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070305: Contact the Advisory Council and solicit advice on equitable ways of handling this situation (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070505: James will contact Tom Woods about instructing water catchment workshop. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070929: Make wiki page for 2008 themes, schedules, activities, workshops, programs, etc. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070929: Program for November. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20070929: Coordinate with [[User:Guy Prouty|]] about doing a PROUT workshop for EcoReality. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20071124: Add to next month review new schedule of monthly themes. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080807: Contact Felicity to setup tele/video conference (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080807: James ask Ron if Qi Gong is expecting to pay $35 GST on top of the $500 rent. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080916: James send Jan Bema contact info (PDC teacher from California). (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080928: Morris- Use Stephen Jenkinson [for a program]. James will follow up. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080928: Penny- Has wildcrafting friend. James will talk to her [about doing a program]. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20080930: (abandoned task) James- action- start structure and glean ideas for the car co-op structure. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20081025: September 27 minutes not complete - James to contact Mark about completing. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20081129: James will set up a new interactive menu planning page. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090109: James will supply his information on GST to Carol. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090125: James will call his workmate Catherine to order 2 2/3 cords of wood for $500 plus $50 for ferry ride. He will also check around on the island. He will do this tomorrow, Monday. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090201: James will find the agreements made about notifying everyone about guests arriving and telephoning each other as well as emailing about sudden upcoming events or changes to events and create a link to them. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090215: James ask penny to research car sharing in communities (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090301: Anastasia Ringing Cedars event that happened was somewhat chaotic today. If this is going to be an ongoing event it needs to have a clearer structure and more notice. James will speak with Rudy about the event and future Anastasia events if they happen. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090301: Every project does need to have a steward attached to it. James will ensure that all projects on the Wiki have project stewards. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090306: James has scheduled the Spring Retreat topics into timeslots. This initial schedule will be available to be commented on until Tuesday, March 10th. At that time James and Jan will then take the info and make a schedule that will be available for comment until 12midnight on Thursday, March 12. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090306: James will send a reminder notice for final feedback for Spring Retreat on Tuesday morning. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090308: (adandoned) James to draft the terms of reference, eg. Care schedule for livestock, financials, space issues, etc. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090315: James will send photos of the wood shed to Tom Woods for his opinion. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090315: Residents will look into what the costs of hosting people for food and utilities really are. Discussion went along the lines that the pricing we currently have is an accurate reflection of real costs. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090315: James will talk with Osha about what EcoReality will bring to the ING potluck. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090322: James will pursue getting a copy of the building code from ex building inspector. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090322: James will add the grocery shop on Tuesday, March 31 to the retreat agenda. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090417: James Cowan to put this as discussion item on agenda for Next Members Meeting (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090417: James Cowan to put this as discussion item on agenda for Next Members Meeting and to remind Jan to send out information about it as soon as possible so whole group has a week to prepare and comment. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090417: James Cowan to connect with Jan about this item and email group (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090417: James Cowan to do logistics with Justin for Rex June event (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090426: James Cowan James will formulate questions about time sheets and add to next month’s members meeting agenda. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090426: - James Cowan James will ask Patti Bauer to write article about permaculture for newsletter. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090503: James Cowan will work with Carol and Jan to craft a plan to bring forward about goat stewardship (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090517: James Cowan continue to research pipe finding service to answer our questions about all of the outflows, including the white one emerging at end of strawberry row. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090517: James Cowan to cost out pipe finding service and report back (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090524: Contact Mark and ask him to keep his member guide apprised of his arrival and departure. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090531: James Cowan to coordinate definition of the stewardship/team and will report by Jun 19th teleconf. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20090531: James Cowan to steward the Program Team working on EcoReality’s participation in Eco Living Tour and will put it on next teleconf for full proposal discussion and possibly request coming to agreement. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091026: James Cowan Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091026: James Cowan James will instigate discussion about programs for 2010 and a debrief about programs for 2009 (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091116: James Cowan James will talk to Jan and schedule a work party for organizing shop, garage and Moby. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091123: James Cowan Submit budget requests for 2010 to Carol By Dec 8. (James Cowan)
[x] Minutes:20091228: James Cowan Complete 2009 stewardship report(s) by Jan 15, 2010 (James Cowan)
[x] Old to do: Home Page Steward (James Cowan)
[x] Old to do: Schedule work parties DONE (James Cowan)
[x] Old to do: towel bars and toilet paper holders DONE (James Cowan)

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