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[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: Carol to procure and teach us about software for logging hours. Can this be put on wiki for members only? Could be kept with Carol for now and we could email her our activities and hours spent. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: Carol to bring sticky notes and coloured dots for #4 to be done in the meeting. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060210: Carol will steward the logo committee. Jan will work with Carol. Any other ideas can be forwarded to them. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060305: ACTION Carol to contact Brandy and find out more details and information on this potential (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION Jan & Carol will accept "loan" from James & Shannon for their coop shares, so all the money will be in one place prior to coop funding and land purchase. Carol will prepare promissory note; Shannon will write post-dated check. The purpose of this is in the case of death between now and closing, so estates will have record. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION Carol to follow up with Brandy on Cowichan Valley property (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060506: ACTION: Jan & Carol to check EcoReality schedule against their obligations at O.U.R. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060506: ACTION: Carol to create separate cost centers for: house, cottage, and grounds. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20060805: NEW ACTION: Carol will re-build budget after disk crash. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061002: ACTION: Carol will hang calendar in studio DONE! (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061029: Carol will come up with a preliminary 2007 farm plan by February 3 meeting. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Move box of music to music shelf when it gets built. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Find suitable baskets for shelf in entryway closet. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Get our stuff out of cottage carport. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061101: Fix doorknob in community washroom. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061104: Carol will select features and cost and report back with a proposal. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061107: Carol to print new business cards, ALL to add to their email signatures (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061107: Carol to put up in the FAQ or in the member agreement page, current Operating Budget as a snapshot for outsiders to see our financial situation as a Coop (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061202: Carol will implement a kitchen logbook. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20061202: Carol will generate historical report/budget for feeding people. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20070303: newsletter article on garden ideas - planting plans, cold frames, care of seeds (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080628: All members will make sure Carol has a completed financial disclosure. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080725: Carol Wagner will facilitate and coordinate Aug 8 teleconference (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080802: create EcoReality guest slips for each house. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080802: Determine passbook interest rate for James and Shannon loan. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080807: Create fee/rental structure for co-op (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080807: Look into GST number for EcoReality- is it required? If it is optional only, is it a benefit to the co-op?. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080830: Carol will follow up with individual members regarding paying overdue dues (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20080909: Carol look in to GST policies and what the co-op needs to collect and pay each year (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090104: Carol will create log sheets for vehicles to log mileage. These will be in the vehicles. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090109: Carol agrees as Finance Steward that she will study how GST works. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090109: Carol will amend the “Food for farm labourers” to include “lodging”. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090125: Carol will check another manure source as well. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Carol, with James’ help will start a Wiki page for the 2009 EcoReality Operating Budget that will include explanations of what individual line items mean. The actual details of the budget will be on the page. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Carol will look back at the emails sent to her from members about the preliminary budget she submitted in December 2008. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090131: Carol will put into motion Noj’s withdrawal from membership. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090201: Carol will check in with Axel for one of the parts needed for the red Jetta. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090206: The budget will be available for presentation at the next Members’ Meeting at the end of February. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090206: Carol will contact the other group that had the permaculture workshop recently on the island to get a copy of their budget to help us in building our budget for the upcoming permaculture workshop in June. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090206: Carol will show what the house insurance payment amounts are for the White House, the Yellow House and the Co-op. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090206: Carol will show the the profit and loss (or income statement) with the budget when its presented. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090208: Carol and Shannon will steward the removal of the grass to about 18’ in the rows where raspberries will be transplanted. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090215: Add monthly trip to Victoria to budget if approved (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090222: We will settle the costs of car sharing after member’s weekends each month. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090222: Carol will have a telephone conversation with Taffon after she reads the emails regarding his needs. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090228: Carol will continue to pursue talking to Taffon despite the difficulties in communication. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090301: Carol will collect the task list of things for Roxanne to do. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090308: [[Carol Wagner|Carol Wagner to speak to Roxane about scanning fenceline for dropped/missing clips. Then Roxane (And Rudy) to finish clipping fence along front of road. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090308: Carol Wagner will call Michael Nickels to discuss African farm worker exchanges he’d done. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090315: Carol will create some way for us to identify which house’s turn it is to take recycling in. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090517: Carol Wagner and Shannon Cowan to measure existing hoses and parts, to determine needs for the design of this year’s garden area incl berries, and communicate with Jan and/or go buy what is missing to set up full irrigation system this week – he needs to know if we can use 300 ft of soaker hose in 6 foot sections (available online). Carol and Shannon will determine a plan and budget for remaining irrigation pieces needed. If for some reason it exceeds the approved farm budget, will bring request for funds forward to membership. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090524: The farm steward, ecology steward, and land use planning steward will get together informally and figure out what to do with the tree. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090524: Make and post SLOW signs for the driveways. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Carol Wagner Carol will put together a spreadsheet on the standing financial situation for Mark and Penny (dues, hours owing of labour, etc.) and inform Mark and Penny that timesheets from the past that have not been submitted can be submitted before the books are closed on this (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090628: Carol Wagner will contact Ben the WWOOF volunteer and notify group of his confirmed apprentice period with EcoReality (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090713: Carol Wagner Carol will set up an ICal tab for scheduling the use of Sunshine. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090818: Carol Wagner will do research on ducks and create info page. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20090830: Carol Wagner will update list of who has turned in sheets. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20091025: Carol Wagner Membership application actions- Revise reading list, add non negotiables, go over interview question list and possibly add questions to questionnaire from interview questions. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20091026: Carol Wagner Submit timesheets from 2007 to current by November 15 to binder and inform Carol when they are submitted. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20091102: Carol Wagner Carol will organize and label toolshed and give an orientation to the rest of the group. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20091123: Follow up with members who have labour shortage payments due. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20091207: Carol will remind people of budget 2010 input that is required before tomorrow's budget meeting at 13:00. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20100104: Find out contact person for Environmental Farm Plan by 15 Jan. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20100104: Create an agreement regarding use of the shop and garage. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20100119: Carol Wagner will have the first draft of her annual reports complete by the end of January 2010. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20100223: Carol Wagner and Shannon will work together to divide up seeds from the garden which includes Brenden's seeds. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20100419: Carol will check references for Ken Conrad and Angie Conrad. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20100908: Pick and process pears and blackberries. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20110209: Carol will create a project page and budget for the perennial fruit project. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Move office upstairs in prep for downstairs yellow house suite work. (Jan Steinman), (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Make jelly. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Clean out greenhouse in prep for starts. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20110223: Offer the porta-potty free for the pumping. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Minutes:20110302: Offer the porta-potty free for the pumping. (Carol Wagner)
[x] Old to do: estabsish Finance steward page DONE Minutes:20060401-1 (Carol Wagner)
[x] Old to do: Logo (Carol Wagner)
[x] Old to do: secure downspouts (Carol Wagner)

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