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[ ] Minutes:20120905: Complete EcoReality road sign that Kaleigh Barton beautifully laid out. Ben on point, Jan supporting. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Move piles of mulch up-field to be used in bedding as soon as field dries out enough to get tractor/trailer in there. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20120302: Strawberries have been ignored and are in bad shape. They will be moved as soon as a new bed can be prepped for them -- deferred. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20120620: Write-up for Song Writing Workshop completed by Wednesday, 27 June. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20120801: Research hostel culture; draw up plans for renting rooms and beds. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20120801: Clean up parking area in prep for 5 September ING meeting here. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20121003: Prepare east garden for cover cropping and goats. (Ben Corno)
[x] Minutes:20121024: Clear the packing shed and/or make it inaccessible to goats and move to against fence. (Ben Corno)

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