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[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: All to complete #2 Values exercises <end Chap 5> before next meeting. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: All to create a list of their specialties and areas of stewardship in this organization they wish to take on. Shannon to create a spot on wiki for this new page. All to add to this by next meeting please. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: All members to add to study group page before it is disclosed to advisory and public. Someone <Shannon> to add a statement about how each person who creates a topic would do well to indicate whether they wish to lead the topic, or simply are a co-generator or interested in the topic. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: current members all to complete the resources inventory by next meeting. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051203: Nov 5 Action: Read Chaps 4&5 Template:Christian03. Complete (all)
[x] Minutes:20051203: NEW ACTION: All to read and add to To do List; eventually could classify activities on this list in tabular format <Shannon> and acknowledge completed items separately. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051231: NEW ACTION: All: will make stewardship pages on wiki, notion of support/stunt double/buddy system/nag to help stewards. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: members complete resources inventory TABLED pending on-line system available (all)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: skills inventory -- ONGOING we will all re-visit and email others when you've been through it (all)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION ONGOING: All keep up to do list (all)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: All ongoing to do list additions: Shannon added membership criteria to list. (all)
[x] Minutes:20051231: ACTION: All: values exercises stuff DONE (all)
[x] Minutes:20060101: NEW ACTION: All will review and revise (All)
[x] Minutes:20060305: ACTION All to look at coop rules page on wiki NOW to get familiar, then to look over refinements once Jan emails whole group that it has been completed (All)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION all to prepare Steward's statements for wiki and for press releases (All)
[x] Minutes:20060401: ACTION: all to get familiar with and refine coop rules -- work done on coop memorandum, some more checking to be done on coop rules (All)
[x] Minutes:20060708: NEW ACTION ALL MEMBERS to make phone calls to follow up with Advisory Council members and invite them to Aug 19 and 20th workshop with Diana Leafe Christian. Use the March 5 meeting notes each one of us took <not on wiki> to find your list of Advisory council members to phone. Please complete this by August 5th meeting. (All)
[x] Minutes:20061107: All Brainstorm - start a wiki page- the people and types of workshops and events to link to Advisory Council meetings that occur monthly in order to make the most of the times that J&S come to EcoReality, and to expand our circle of awareness to new people and to reach the "founder types" (all)

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