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This was agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20070505, but circumstances following the agreement have made it obsolete. A brief notice regarding the nature of the obsolescence must be entered.
Since it has been agreed, the page is locked.
Contact WikiSysop to make small corrections (spelling, grammar, etc.) or add an agenda item to re-visit this agreement at an appropriate meeting.

This agreement is obsolete. EcoReality is no longer at the site mentioned in this agreement.

This is here for historical reasons only.

Jan Steinman and Carol Wagner (Tenant) lease the property at 160 Sharp Road, BC V8K 2P6, Canada (Property) from EcoReality Co-op (Landlord), for the sum of $1 per month, effective 1 May 2007.

Tenant's rights and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • financial obligations placed upon that Property, such as utility bills and property taxes
  • gross income from all activities on that Property, such as cottage rent, voluntary donations for lodging and meals, farming, arts & craft, education, and other economic activities.

Landlord's rights and responsibilities include:

  • indemnifying Tenant of legal obligations as a result of Tenants' activities on that Property,
  • insurance coverage adequate to protect Landlord's interest in the Property.

General property management and economic activity on the Property are subject to approval of EcoReality Co-op, such approval not arbitrarily withheld.

Should the net profit from economic activities on that Property exceed fifteen times the hours worked on those activities by Tenant ($15/hour), Tenant will pay Landlord one-half (50%) of that excess.

This agreement is in force for three years or 30 days notice of either party, whichever comes first.

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