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This page is for experiments and learning wiki. Anyone can put anything they want here.
Things such as obscenity, hate speech, etc. will be removed!
Please leave this text here, so others will understand what this page is for.


File:Image-Priya as Stevie


October, 2021
1 (+)
2 (+)
3 (+)
4 (+)
5 (+)
6 (+)
7 (+)
8 (+)
9 (+)
10 (+)
11 (+)
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15 (+)
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v.0.3.3 (beta)

v.0.3.3 (beta)


We got to this page from the page.

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This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

EcoReality Land Purchase Fund Drive Progress
EcoReality Co-op's land purchase fund drive
is in full swing! You can help!
Here is a bunch of text that should appear to the left of the thermometer, with proper line wrapping on stupendously long lines.

Playing with tasks and agreements

  • <action owner="Jan Steinman" due=20090607 time=1>Do all sorts of good stuff some more.</action>
  • <action>Jan Steinman|20090607|1|Do all sorts of good stuff some more.</action>
  • <agreed>Here is an agreement.|Administrative</agreed>
    1. <agreed>Here is another agreement.|Fairly Important</agreed>
    2. <agreed>Here is an agreement.|Transient</agreed>
      • <agreed>An agreement with a goofy user. Can we use the "user" facility to make arbitrary categories of agreements?|Very Important</agreed>
    3. <agreed>Another user facility test.|Administrative</agreed>
  • <agreed>When an agreement has its own page, if the agreement template refers to it, it can automagically be listed on a page of all such agreements. Unfortunately, the text for them can't really change, so they'd look something like the next one.|Own Page</agreed>
    <agreed>This agreement x has its own page. Click on the following link to see all such agreements:|Own Page</agreed>
  • <agreed>What happens if some arbitrary text goes in the brackets?|Experimental</agreed>
  • [x] Here is a task. (Jan Steinman)

dealing with line breaks

Unfortunately, the tasks extension (and the agreed extension that is based on it) screw up lists.

  • A bullet list
    • with indentation
      • of several levels
      • will get screwed up
      • if you put a <tasks> tag in it, like this:
      • [ ] This should remain at a level-3 indent (Nobody)
      • Here is some more stuff afterward that should still be at level-3 indent, but has gotten screwed up because <agreed> has put an extra line break into the list. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Maya and Shakti.jpg

this is a heading

<graphvizr> digraph test { node [URL="/wiki/\N"] Sunlight -> Vegetation Vegetation -> "Fossil Fuel" [label="heat, pressure, time"] "Fossil Fuel" -> "Carbon Dioxide" [label="combustion by humans"] "Carbon Dioxide" -> Vegetation

  1. Hydrogen -> Sunlight [label="nuclear fusion"]

} </graphvizr>

some text that will be italic

this is a second-level heading

Here is some text in a bar
on the right side of the page.
  • can it have
    • a bullet list in it?

this is bold

Does the <embed> HTML tag work?

Random inclusion

Random page: 2008-05 labour

Template:Monthly for

<comments />

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