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Educational Event Evolution

EcoReality debriefing meeting was attended by: Shannon Cowan (informal facilitator), Morris Lamrock, Jan Steinman, Carol Wagner, Rudy Siegers

Would all EcoReality Residents please make an itemized email listing the hours and tasks they worked on this event. Send this to Carol *by June 30th* who will determine payment you will each receive from Co-Op (proportionate to amount of funding that was income after direct expenses). Also, please indicate SFU event on timesheets for June and don't forget to submit your timesheet this month! Thank you!

  • The overall sense of this meeting was that we chose to do this event in a certain style and that we are interested in the evolution of more events like this one.
  • Purpose of this debriefing is to reflect, acknowledge and improve the model

SFU Student Feedback Summary


  • tour
  • work party
  • friendly, comfortable feelings, open, accessible hosts
  • beauty of land
  • knowledge and insight of members
  • feasts, welcome
  • chance to see ecovillage in infancy stages, different than others

To improve

  • more time for questions
  • have protein for lunch
  • mushroom patch
  • go over agenda before housekeeping items, go slower during welcoming
  • permaculture game would be more useful with time limits and/or making it up rather than using existing game

EcoReality Debrief Ideas

Educational content and agenda:

  • plan in more time for giving "presentation style" information about
    • history
    • FOG (finance, ownership, governance) structures
    • Vision and mission - the glue of the community
    • for this event, it was a symptom of the compressed time that resulted from some participants leaving much earlier than originally planned
  • liked the downtime between workparty and dinner
  • liked option to work next day
  • closing circle was too soon, need to ask participants to commit to full time for event - 24 or 48 hours ideally.


  • campground worked well for group this size and ages
  • 10 gallons of water used over 24 hours. Solar heat method as well as tap for cold water would be ideal next time.
  • Housekeeping items could be written on wiki and posted on a whiteboard during event for reference
  • cheat sheets (4 per 8.5X11 sheet) to be handed out with housekeeping items and/or agenda, plus some of EcoReality essential information on back
  • Transportation - should be a budget item paid by full group in next budget. Did not actually get money this time for transportation.
  • Meals: need two residents on each for group this size, especially for carrying food and cleaning up
  • Assign a student to help steward the beverage station as well as a resident next time
  • port-o-potty was invoiced to EcoReality and extra pumpings in future can be ordered
    • composting toilet ideally for next event
  • EcoReality residents could make it a goal to eat with participants, not with one another, as they wanted more time for informal conversation


  • Shannon was reimbursed from EcoReality $105.00 for the white house food and accommodation (1/2 of total) expenses
  • Carol was reimbursed from EcoReality for the yellow house food and accommodation and transportation (mileage) expenses
  • Agreed:" Each resident who worked hours on this event will log hours on logsheets for Co-Op work, *and* will submit a detailed email listing the work time (invoice) and reimbursement requested from the Co-Op (@ $15/hr worked). Carol will tally this and distribute funds from SFU event proportionally to residents, leaving 10% seed money in the Co-Op account for future similar events.
  • next budget needs to include contact time for each resident working the event
  • pre-event communications with instructor only, not with students as happened this time and created some discrepancies and confusion for numbers and travel arrangements

Shan 04:44, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

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