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A resource is anything that can be of use to humans. Traditionally limited to the concept of natural resources, a resource could also be an artifact, like a farm tractor, or even an abstract concept, such as Happiness.

Ideas for cataloging and keeping track of ecovillage resources are being discussed at that link.

Physical resource use

Because physical resources degrade and require maintenance, sharing them requires collaboration, mediated and ultimately controlled by that resource's steward. Resources may be labeled with the following:

Green or V 
any Villager may use this resource at will. Put it back where you found it, in the condition you found it in. Notify the steward if this resource is in need of maintenance. For example, use dishes and silverware in the common kitchen, but clean them and put them back when done, and let the Kitchen steward know if you break a glass.
Yellow or S 
this resource is for use by a Selection of villagers because it may require Special training or Skills. See the steward to be added to the list. For example, farm machinery that requires training and particular procedures for use.
Red or P 
you need explicit Permission from the steward each time you use this resource. For example, art making equipment that are vital to their steward's livelihood, but that she is willing to share from time to time.
Blue or E 
this resource is for the Exclusive use of the steward. See the steward if you need the services of this resource. For example, equipment that a steward needs on-call at any time to perform their duties.

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