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Project steward

Shannon Cowan


  • EcoReality needs labour for a number of projects during Sept-Nov 2009: fundraising activities for the Co-Op (grants, foundations, revolving loan outreach?), a composting toilet designed and built, fruit processed, garlic planted, etc...
  • University of British Columbia third year "Land, Food and Community" course students are seeking hands-on community service learning (either research or practical project or both) in period Sept-Nov 2009.


UBC-based Community Food Assessment Project in the UBC Land, Food and Community II course (LFS 350) - this portion of the course is a community food assessment project designed to study BC food security issues across the spectrum of inner city to suburb to rural settings.

Projects are negotiated between student teams (which have a leader for correspondence) and community partners, directly (not involving the instructors)..


up for discussion at teleconference 20090731

Goal or deliverable

For EcoReality

  • receive learning, ideas and labour on a project EcoReality needs to accomplish, within our strategic plan
  • practice the Co-Op value of sustainability education

For students One of the following (or similar) will be performed by one or more student teams (5-7 each):

  • research for a funding proposal,
  • the development of a survey or the review of a policy or programme
  • help with putting garden beds to rest for the winter
  • volunteering at an event or program
  • creating community outreach materials

Timeline, end date

  • agreement by August 3rd, 2009 to participate as community partner
  • end date November 30, 2009


  • Shannon to coordinate development of project with student team leader
  • August 2009: liaison with instructors
  • September 15-30: meet with student team, host onsite for orientation to project
  • October and November: students work on project from distance, liaise with EcoReality through Shannon and may have one more onsite visit during period
  • EcoReality invited to UBC for final project presentations/report discussion in end November (? Shannon imagines, not sure yet)


  • Students to visit EcoReality for 10-12 hours hands-on engagement on site at some time between end Sept and mid November, 2009.
  • Project ideas: (this list is not exhaustive, please add your ideas!)
    • fundraising plan research and development for EcoReality (including revolving loan fund package developed, research of availability and applications to foundations, grants)
    • composting toilet designed and built,
    • fruit processed,
    • garlic planted,
    • greywater leachbeds designed and constructed for lawn-garden area
    • aquaponic system developed in EcoReality gardens with partnership of Phillip Rhem of Salt Spring Aquaponics Society

Financial budget

It is unclear at this time if student teams would stay overnight. This budget is based on Friday evening arrival after dinner and Sunday afternoon departure.

  • Projected Income:
    • Cooking for student group (5-6 meals, one weekend visit time):
      • Food Procurement 2 hrs @$15 =$30
      • Food Planning 1hr = $15
      • Food Prep and Cleanup 9 hrs@$15 =$135
    • Tenting 7 X $5 =$35
    • Food 7 X $20 =$140
    • Port A potty $35
  • Total $390.00
  • Total Per person (7 students) $ $55.72

Note: Transportation (return) UBC-EcoReality, not included.

Note: This total per person cost is subject to change if number of persons attending event changes. Also, Shannon will communicate with instructors to find out if food and lodging are generally donated by community partners to students, who will have travel costs as well.

Notes on Distribution of Income from Event:

  • Accommodation income to be split between residents who pay for utilities (water, washrooms, elec)
  • Food income to reimburse those who paid for meals
  • Expenses:
    • Food $140, Pump Potty $35, Handouts and brochures (printing and paper) $25, Childcare 4 hours Sat morning $40 (residents will do childcare on Friday).

Labor budget

  • Site Preparations for project and work party: 4-20 hours, depending on project selected
  • Coordinator time (Shannon): 20 hours - networking, admin
  • EcoReality Educator Time: (includes arrival Friday evening, prep time and 10-12 hours engagement time on a weekend for a 'Student WorkParty') 30 hrs X 4-6 residents = 300 hrs combined:

Breakdown of EcoReality Educator Time as follows:

  • Shannon: 30 hrs - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement
  • Jan: 30 hours - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement
  • Susie Anne: 30 hours - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement
  • Carol: 30 hours - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement
  • Brenden: 30 hours - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement
  • James: 1 hour - logistics support in advance, absent day of event?
  • Rudy: 30 hours - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement
  • Dennis: 30 hours - workparty prep, hospitality, engagement

Respectfully created for discussion 20090722 Shan 19:20, 22 July 2009 (UTC)

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