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Project ID: 91

Project steward

Jan Steinman


EcoReality needs clearly communicated, long-term planning that is a cooperative process, the outcomes of which may easily be understood by all.


In order to best determine how to attract investors, retire debt, come up with a Permaculture design, protect the local ecosystem, produce food and energy, develop a housing plan, conform to regulatory requirements, and meet other long-term planning needs, we create a strategic planning team and a strategic plan review team.

Note that these teams do not make all these challenges happen, nor even make all these plans. Rather, the teams come up with three strategic plans for doing so!

To begin, the strategic planning team physically meets once a week, and presents their work to the review team periodically via email and wiki, no less than once each month. The review team makes recommendations, and presents plans to the members once each month at the members' meeting.


  • 2010-09-27: With a new investor and imminent financing of the balance, this project has be restored to active status.
  • 2010-10-31: Five year business plan complete.

Goal or deliverable

  1. A tactical "do before winter" plan for 2009.
  2. A one-year strategic plan.
  3. A three-year strategic plan.
  4. A five-year strategic plan.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

  1. 2009 winter plan initial presentation to members: 30 August 2009.
  2. 2010 strategic plan initial presentation to members: 30 August 2009.
  3. 2013 strategic plan initial presentation to members: 27 September 2009.
  4. 2015 strategic plan initial presentation to members: 29 November 2009.
    This is an aggressive schedule, based on best-case collaboration and willingness to make it happen!


  1. Review and complete this metaplan.
  2. Identify major goals.
  3. Establish timelines for each goal and place it in the appropriate (1, 3, or 5 year) plan.
  4. Describe goals in terms of projects, with draft timelines and budgets.
  5. Request consent of membership for final set of plans.

Financial budget

  • Pay travel expenses to relevant public meetings.

Labour budget

  • 4 hours per week for each strategic planning team member
    22 weeks, 3 team members: 264 person-hours total
  • 8 hours per month for each strategic plan review team member
    5 months, 3 team members: 120 person-hours total
  • Grand total: 384 person-hours, or 9.6 person-weeks

Cash Outlay

1010011ISCU Chequing$5.152018-05-16 00:00:002018-05-16 00:00:00
2056344MasterCard, Tangerine 9818, 6344, 9888$5,058.502018-10-19 00:00:002018-10-19 00:00:00
6900000Miscellaneous$45.772016-05-01 00:00:002016-05-01 00:00:00
6300005Volunteer Meals$39.492017-10-21 00:00:002017-10-21 00:00:00
6300005TOTAL:$5,148.912016-05-01 00:00:002018-10-19 00:00:00

Labour, by person

3Cleome Rowe1.55.9%
2Jan Steinman23.794.1%

Labour, by activity

5Managing Information0.72.8%

Vehicle Use

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.




business planning that may be part of Land Acquisition (Project #43)

Jan Steinman2008-03-04 12:21:002008-03-04 15:24:003.0500Planningmeet with planner Justine Starkeno
Jan Steinman2008-03-10 10:09:002008-03-10 10:40:000.5167PlanningGavin, Myles planning land purchyes
Jan Steinman2008-03-10 20:17:002008-03-10 20:56:000.6500PlanningEcoReality land purch tasks, financial planning, correspondenceyes
Jan Steinman2008-03-14 10:00:002008-03-14 10:30:000.5000Preparingprepare for meeting with Islands Trust planner Justine Starkeyes
Jan Steinman2008-03-14 10:30:002008-03-14 12:04:001.5667Planningmeet with Islands Trust planner Justine Starkeyes
Jan Steinman2008-03-16 09:22:002008-03-16 11:00:001.6333Planningland purchase planningyes
Jan Steinman2008-04-09 13:01:002008-04-09 13:10:000.1500PlanningPhone with Islands Trust planner Justine Starkeyes
Jan Steinman2008-04-17 10:15:002008-04-17 12:08:001.8833Planningstrategic planningyes
Jan Steinman2008-04-20 11:38:002008-04-20 12:06:000.4667PlanningJustine Starke (land use planner)yes
Jan Steinman2008-07-03 08:47:002008-07-03 10:30:001.7167NegotiatingEcoReality contingency planning: Bill Wilsonyes
Jan Steinman2009-06-04 14:00:002009-06-04 15:30:001.5000PlanningLunch with Islands Trust planner Jasminyes
Jan Steinman2010-03-05 16:00:002010-03-05 17:28:001.4667CorrespondingEcoReality payout plan questions to Jim Pasutayes
Jan Steinman2010-08-18 18:07:002010-08-18 18:35:000.4667PlanningBusiness plan for Joe Lno
Jan Steinman2010-08-31 18:38:002010-08-31 19:41:001.0500PreparingAssessment & biz plan for Jill Kno
Jan Steinman2010-09-08 15:47:002010-09-08 18:04:002.2833ResearchingWorking on business planyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-08 18:33:002010-09-08 19:42:001.1500ResearchingBiz planyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-09 12:40:002010-09-09 13:53:001.2167ResearchingBiz planyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-15 20:12:002010-09-15 21:21:001.1500PlanningRon P: strategy for biz plan: profit centres discussionyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-16 17:33:002010-09-16 18:04:000.5167ResearchingBiz plan researchyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-19 18:42:002010-09-19 19:35:000.8833Planningbusiness plan for re-financingyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-20 12:45:002010-09-20 13:26:000.6833Planningbusiness plan for CCECyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-23 08:36:002010-09-23 09:00:000.4000PlanningRon meeting: greenhouse, borrowing resolution, business planningyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-23 09:00:002010-09-23 12:27:003.4500Writingbusiness plan writingyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-23 12:39:002010-09-23 17:59:005.3333Writingbusiness plan writingyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-23 18:22:002010-09-23 19:30:001.1333Writingbusiness plan writingyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-24 14:46:002010-09-24 18:12:003.4333Editingbusiness plan: tables, charts, photosyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-24 18:27:002010-09-24 19:39:001.2000Writingbusiness planyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-27 12:29:002010-09-27 18:01:005.5333Editingbusiness plan: Ron's feedbackyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-29 15:37:002010-09-29 18:08:002.5167Writingbusiness plan: profit centresyes
Jan Steinman2010-09-30 16:30:002010-09-30 18:30:002.0000Writingbusiness planyes
Jan Steinman2010-10-01 09:11:002010-10-01 10:03:000.8667Writingfive year plan for business planyes
Jan Steinman2010-10-01 16:40:002010-10-01 19:44:003.0667Editingbusiness plan: fine-tune numbers, add photosyes
Jan Steinman2010-10-04 16:40:002010-10-04 17:48:001.1333Correspondingbusiness plan: send-offyes
Jan Steinman2010-10-12 14:20:002010-10-12 18:03:003.7167Editingincorporated business plan changes requested by CCECyes
Jan Steinman2010-10-12 18:13:002010-10-12 19:11:000.9667Editingincorporated business plan changes requested by CCECyes
Jan Steinman2010-12-06 15:52:002010-12-06 18:03:002.1833NegotiatingCCEC mortgage visit plans; Jack J phoneno

Final accounting

Paid labour on this project was actually billed against Land Acquisition (Project #43).

No shares were distributed

Item Inflow Outflow Note
Jan Steinman $639.50 42h 38m

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