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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of 20090321.


Project steward

Jan Steinman


Our current water treatment plant uses potassium permanganate (KMnO4), a hazardous oxidizing chemical (albeit without other toxic affects), in combination with a sand filter. This filter is periodically back-flushed into a tank located to the NNW of the pump house. The ground surrounding the tank has insufficient perk, causing water with KMnO4 to bubble out of the ground into our garden area.

The deep purple water is alarming more than dangerous, non-the-less, we would prefer water treatment without the use of chemicals.


To replace the KMnO4 with another system, we should

  1. obtain a different sort of sand for the sand filter, as researched by Chris Walker,
  2. change the sand in the sand filter,
  3. re-set the backflush timer according to the manufacturer's specifications,
  4. remove and properly dispose of the remaining KMnO4, possibly with the aid of the current water system maintenance contractor,
  5. remove (preferred) or bury the backflush water tank,
  6. construct a wetland, pond, or other structure for capturing and utilizing the backflush water.

Goal or deliverable

A water treatment system that does not use KMnO4 that has a use for the periodic filter backflush water.

Timeline, schedule, or end date


See Description, above.

Related/Prerequisite Projects

Financial budget

  • New sand for filter Unknown at present
  • Possible disposal cost for remaining KMnO4 Unknown at present

Labor budget

  • Research: Chris: 8 hours.
  • Change sand in filter: unknown
  • Remove backflush water tank and fill resulting hole: unknown
  • Design and construct backflush water utilization facility: unknown

Final accounting

  • Cash outlay:
  • Class A shares:
  • Class B shares:

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