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This a request, open for discussion. It has not been deliberated to consensus by the villagers. It will be agreed, modified, or tabled at the meeting of 20120718.


Project ID: 142

Project steward

Jan Steinman


We need to have a temporary storage area for produce, so that harvest time is not so closely tied to market times.


Envisioned is a simple straw bale structure of 10 square metres or less with an insulated floor, using some sort of solar-powered cooling, perhaps swamp cooling supplemented by absorption refrigeration.


  • 2012-07-20 project proposed.

Goal or deliverable

A small super-insulated building in the west field that is solar cooled to about 10°C.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

time-related aspects of the project, which may include intermediate deadlines, dependencies, etc


generally, a numbered list of tasks, performed in order, that will together accomplish the project's goals or deliverables

  1. Seek funding from various sources.
  2. Building design and site layout.
  3. Prepare the foundation.
  4. Obtain straw bales.
  5. Assemble structure.
  6. Install Viesa swamp cooler.
  7. Install one or more camping refrigerators, temporarily powered by solar panels or even hydro.
  8. Design passive solar heat loop to power the camping refrigerators.
  9. Install passive solar heat loop.

Financial budget

how much money will be needed, possibly high-low bracketed and detailed, or a complete guess (try to indicate how firm a guess it is!)

This project requires funding. Agreeing to this request does not commit EcoReality to any funding. Balance sheet impact should be zero, as increased liability from shares issued will be balanced by the value added by the facility.

Cash outlay

Item Cost Note
Construction materials $1,000 .
Solar panels $800 .
Swamp cooler $1,200 on-hand
Two large camper refrigerators $1,100 can be difficult to find used at a reasonable price
Total $4,100 .

Confidence factor: ±50% largely due to wide variation in cost of used camping refrigerators

Class A shares

Up to 6,150 Class A Investment Shares issued for capital cash costs.
1,500 Class A Investment Shares to Jan for brand new Viesa swamp cooler, on-hand.

Labor budget

how many people are needed for how long, including specific people or specific skill-sets

32 hours: Jan: research, engineering, and design
400 hours: Jan and others: construction and installation

Confidence factor: ±50%

Class B shares

Up to 9,720 Class B Investment Shares issued for 648 hours of labour

Cash Outlay


Labour, by person

2Jan Steinman24.8100.0%

Labour, by activity


Vehicle Use

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.

5Bubba59 km
5TOTAL:59 km


Jan SteinmanBubba2012-11-0925 km$10.700EcoRealitySlegg, gate hardware, east fieldyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-10-2915 km$6.420EcoRealitySlegg for east field fence partsyes
Jan SteinmanBubba2012-08-0119 km$8.132EcoRealityinvestigate walk-in freeser, goat feedyes

Final accounting

List of disbursements, including:

  • final, reconciled costs of the project,
  • where money came from for the project, including Class A/B investment shares and to whom they are issued,
  • final, reconciled labour on the project,
    After final accounting, no more time can be allocated to a project.
  • Class A investment shares and to whom they are issued.
  • Class B investment shares and to whom they are issued.

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