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This was agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20070718, but circumstances following the agreement have made it obsolete. A brief notice regarding the nature of the obsolescence must be entered.
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This agreement is obsolete. EcoReality is no longer at the location where this structure was erected.

This remains here for historical reasons, unlike the ger itself, which has long been dismantled.


Project steward

Christopher Roy


Natasha and I are requesting approval from the co-op members to temporarily install a traditional Mongolian Ger on the EcoReality property for our meditation, yoga, occasional guest and storage space use while we are living in the cottage. I’ve spoken to Jan about the possibility of installing the Ger, or Yurt as they are known in Turkic, directly at the back of the cottage where our woodpile was recently relocated (thanks Dave) when Moby was moved to its new home alongside of the shop.


This Ger is hand made in Mongolia and was brought back from Asia through a non-profit partnership which delivers school supplies into the remote regions of Mongolia. The delivery trucks were coming back empty so the drivers started bringing back hand made Gers and a new little importing business was born. All the parts of the Ger are made by hand by local trades in Mongolia.

Gers are the traditional home of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia and are still the most common form of home for the beautiful people of this remote part of the world. You can read more about Gers on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia - Yurts

This particular Ger is 19 feet in diameter, painted in brown with traditional designs on the doors, central crown (tonoo), support beams (bagaan). The ger has a felt linear and waterproof canvass.

With co-operative approval we’re going to setup the Ger temporarily until we have time to build a semi-permanent, demountable deck which the Ger will sit on to keep it out of the rain over the winter.

The installation of this ger will go on the grass behind the cottage and not protrude farther than the current side walk at the back of the cottage. This will cause damage to the grass in this area and may stop the grass from growing in this area for some time after the Ger is removed.

Goal or Deliverable

Installation of a temporary secondary structure.


  • August 1st to 5th – Receive Ger from Shipping in Vancouver
  • August 5th to 31st – Temporary Installation of the Ger
  • August 31st to September 30th – Planning and Construction of Demountable Deck for Winter Use

Financial Budget

No-cost to the co-operative. All costs will be covered by Natasha and Shannon.

Final accounting

No co-op funds received or spent.

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