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Project Page for EcoReality Facilitation Training weekend July 2010

Project steward

Shannon Cowan


Facilitation Training for Intentional Communities


  • Series is 8 weekends of facilitation training in real, live Canadian intentional communities.
  • Please see Facilitation Training Series for details of payment structure, and responsibilities of trainer, trainees and host communities.
  • Please see Schedule of topics for more information on the content of this course.
  • EcoReality has agreed to participate as a host community
  • In return EcoReality has the privilege of sending its members to trainings throughout the series (registration subject to their ability to complete the entire series, as well as subject to availability of spots).


  • 25 trainees plus teacher (3-5 of trainee spots allocated to EcoReality).
  • It will be important for EcoReality members and residents to fully participate in the Sat morning and Sunday morning plenary sessions.
  • This is 6 hours of Co-Op meeting time.
  • EcoReality will be invited to share in all meals.

Goal or deliverable

  • EcoReality will receive guest facilitation for 2 X 3 hr meetings on difficult topics for our community.
  • EcoReality will successfully host 25 people, plus instructor, for 9 meals, 3 nights and three full days of training.
  • EcoReality members (up to five spots) will be reserved registered spots in the weekend training while hosting the series here.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

'Proposed Dates:

  • Thurs 22 July 2010 4pm- until Sunday 25 July 4pm


  • Thurs 29 Jul 2010 4pm- until Sunday 1 Aug 4pm

Tentative Weekend Schedule:


  • 4-5pm arrive, check in, set up tents
  • 6pm Dinner
  • 7:15pm-9pm Opening, Check-ins (Training)


  • 7am Yoga/Swim/Walk
  • 8-8:45am Breakfast
  • 9-12 noon Training (with 1 break at 10:30 for snack/tea/coffee)
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-2 pm break after lunch – good time for Land Tour
  • 2-6pm Training (plenary prep #1) (Some EcoReality members give content presentations about plenary topic to trainees)
  • 6-7pm Dinner and cleanup
  • 7-9:30pm Plenary Prep #1


  • 7am Yoga/Swim/Walk
  • 8am Breakfast
  • 9am-12pm Plenary #1
  • 10:30 am break
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-1:30 short break
  • 1:30-3:30 Debrief, Training
  • 3:30 Break
  • 3:45-6pm Prep Plenary #2 (some EcoReality members not in training will give content presentations)
  • 6-7pm Dinner
  • 7pm-9:30pm Prep Plenary #2


  • 7am Yoga/Swim/Walk
  • 8am Breakfast
  • 9am-12pm Plenary #2
  • 10:30 am break
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-1:30 short break
  • 1:30-2:30 Debrief Plenary 2
  • 2:30 Break
  • 2:45-4pm Learning time for facilitator trainees, topics tbd
  • 4pm Trainees wrap up
  • 4:30-5:30pm departure for Vesuvius and Fulford ferries (no busses so EcoReality could drive some of the walkons to the ferries)
  • 6pm Dinner out (optional)


  • We acknowledged in December 2009 that the in kind cost absorption per member of EcoReality is much higher than it is in other host communities for this Series. Here is a new proposal (Shannon and Tree devised together) to discuss in response:
  • Please refer to Facilitation Training Series for details in the original agreement
  • Summary: EcoReality agreed to sponsor members taking this Series and agreed to host a weekend in the Series to EcoReality's benefit and the benefit of all trainees in the region.
  • This Series is to build capacity in the region and it relies on each trainee (whether hosting or visiting) paying Tree for her teachings each and every time
  • It relies on a revolving responsibility for each community to take a turn hosting and providing for food and accommodations, at no cost to trainees
  • For EcoReality - Teacher acknowledges the challenge for such a small cmty with few residences and camping to host this in the same way as other cohousing groups.
  • Tree is not comfortable with any option that has EcoReality requesting/receiving payment by visiting trainees for their food or accommodation. However, below there are options to have cooking costs bartered and to keep food costs to a minimum, thus reducing the direct cash cost to each member of EcoReality.
  • Note:
    • There are 5 trainee spots saved for members of host cmty. Tree would like to know how many EcoReality members will attend as trainees
    • Each member of EcoReality who wishes to be in the training as a trainess is expected to gift Tree money for her teachings, even when hosting.


  1. OPTION #1-Shannon to confirm in writing an agreement between EcoReality and a cook for this weekend (ASAP so Tree can confirm with trainees).
    • WWOOFer (Shaun) is first choice (cooking in white house, except breakfasts with could be prepared by EcoReality rez who are not in training?)
    • other options: barter with experienced cooks like Shani (has a business cooking and offering yoga surf retreats), Heidi (Stowell lake farm), or other friend with cooking for groups skills who is willing to take small stipend or barter in exchange (eg. EcoReality rez could offer one or combo of: yoga and cooking assistance at workshop/retreat(s) for their businesses/associations, J/C's art or web design, doing taxes for this person, EcoReality produce and value added, etc..
    • All food is either donated from the bulk stores of the two households or the gardens, or if needs to be purchased - amounts agreed by EcoReality and budget set forth for EcoReality funds to cover from operating budget (less than $400 for 9 meals for 32-35 people)
    • snacks at breaks could be EcoReality-homegrown only, and tell trainees in advance they are welcome to bring snacks to share with the group also
    • sending out a menu in advance is a good idea so that people can supplement their diet if they need and reduce the strain on EcoReality to meet individual dietary needs beyond the menu provided.
  1. Contingency OPTION #2-If ensuring a cook for small stipend or barter is not agreeable to EcoReality, Teacher will contact O.U.R. and propose they attend here (two directors already may attend - have been trainees in past weekends) and that their directors who are not trainees could cook in exchange for one of the plenary sessions working on issues for their community (EcoReality still to get one 3 hour plenary, or the whole schedule could be re-worked to meet the needs of EcoReality and O.U.R. in the given time).
  1. Contingency OPTION #3- O.U.R. hosts the event and provides food and accomm.
    • EcoReality attends, 2 of us are trainees instead of potentially 5 spots in training
    • EcoReality still benefits from facilitation for some of our community's issues in a plenary, yet the dynamic would be likely different when 25 guest trainees are not at our community to experience our land, interactions and issues 'in situ'.


    • rides to and from ferries and carpooling will be organized by EcoReality and
    • we request $2 per ride to cover fuel costs as our community is much smaller than most and our in kind cost absorption is higher

Accommodations, Childcare, Other incidentals:

  1. These would all be managed by our internal economics of sharing costs between the three member families.
    • four yellow bedrooms and 2 beds in white house would be offered to those not willing to camp,
    • those with friends on SSI would be asked to stay with their friends and the Inn or a B&B could be considered if necessary.
    • classroom, outdoor washing/humanure facilities, indoor washrooms, beverage station, pond, electrical needs of our guests would be offered at no cost to guests
    • childcare for our children and any attending will be worked out with parents, guest parents and possibly nanny/apprentice at no cost to our guests

--Update Jan 15 2010--

  • Teacher is contacting O.U.R. to investigate Option #2 above.
  • Teacher is open to a Saturday evening public event - please see below here
  • Saturday evening of the weekend EcoReality imagined this:
    • Goals:
      • To provide an optional, social, informal "Group" time during the Facilitation weekend workshop
      • To invite/involve Salt Spring Community in an interactive event (we usually host tours, or presentation evenings) and generate more trust in EcoReality as serving the value of Sustainability Education on this island."
    • On the Saturday have an optional social evening
      • beginning 7pm and lasting 1.5 hours
      • "Facilitated Social!" maybe titled "Intentional Communities: What is the Real Story?"
      • be attractive for others on Salt Spring to attend
      • be a means for trainees to get closer and share more experiences
  • Teacher's reply:
    • I am open to the idea of inviting in other folks on the island, but am worried that this program as outlined here is too formal. Because we work hard and are in formal session the whole rest of the weekend, i think it's important that Saturday evening be purely social... If we are going to do a program of this nature i think it would need to replace one of the other formal timeslots instead, and i'm a little worried that doing so would meet OUR's needs but not the needs of the students and series.
    • Is there some way to meet your goals that is truly social and informal?
      • E.g. games night, singalong, play charades, talent show?
      • It could still be something with an eco theme. Something fun!

End Jan 15 2010

Previous Calculations for Financial Planning here below

Accommodation and Facilities Expenses: Value $705

  • Indoor Accom- 4 nights Teacher - $15/night X 1 X 3 = $45
  • Indoor Accom - 3 nights (8 adults) those who cannot/will not camp - $15/night X 8 X 3 = $360
  • Outdoor Accom - 3 nights (20 adults + their families) – $5/night X 20 X 3 = $300

Camper Facilities: Value: $180

  • Extra portopotty $120, pumping $60 (2 toilets)
  • Other possibilities:
    • humanure toilet and outdoor shower are possibilities at this event (if constructed and functional in time!)
    • households offer private bath/showers (4 toilets, 3 showers - 2 of which are baths)

Classroom rental: 26 hrs @ $10/hr = $260

  • Thurs 2 hrs
  • Fri 9 hrs
  • Sat 9 hrs
  • Sun 6 hrs
  • Purpose: this item exists to reimburse Jan and Carol because the space is covered by their investment shares and utilities are paid by them. This hourly rate is applied to onsite EcoReality business or member business conducted in this space.

Transportation:= $30 (2 trips fulford return ($4X2=$8) + 1 trip Vesuvius return ($12) + 1 trip Long Harbour return ($10)

  • We will request people to use public transit or carpool. Give website for bus sched.
  • Tree to take bus on Thurs from ferry to EcoR (or can request pickup)
  • EcoReality will drive walkons to their Ferry terminal Sun 5pm because no busses run.
  • EcoReality will drive Teacher to Ferry on Monday am.


  • Outdoor eating area (behind classroom or under pear tree) and wash station (hot water from white house)
  • For simplicity, all food will be purchased by one house and cooked in one house.
  • Members of other household can opt into the common meals, and pay the house that cooks and provides produce, accordingly.
  • Hired cook to serve minimum 6 meals, max 8 meals (Friday breakfast and lunch could theoretically be completely done in-house, yet this may hamper those who want to take the training)
  • Cook (to serve snacks in morning and afternoon breaks also as part of meal prep and cleanup
  • Cost estimate for cook: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 4 snacks = $600 (4 hours per meal, $25/hr) ($800 if we hire for Fri B and L also).
  • Cleanup crew of volunteers from trainees is expected after each meal in the dish lineup (to bring hot water and clean up washing station also).

Financial budget

  • Accommodations: $705
  • Portopotty: $180
  • Classroom space rental: $260
  • Food: $750 hard costs (expected some donations of stores and produce onsite)
  • Cook: $800
  • Transportation: $30
  • Childcare: $200 (20 hours @ $10/hr)
  • Total : $2925
  • Breakdown into Cash and In-Kind (with per member cost in parentheses)
    • A. Cash cost (including external childcare) = $1930 ($276)
    • B. Cash cost (childcare by members+visitors) = $1730 ($247)
    • A. In-Kind cost estimate (external childcare) = $995 ($142)
    • B. In-Kind cost estimate (childcare onsite) = $1195 ($170)
  • EcoReality Budget Expense Line: $2400.
  • Note: EcoReality has an agreement for zero sum Event budgeting, which means that income should balance expenses for particular projects. EcoReality (Steward - Shannon) is seeking ideas and suggestions for ways to raise funds for the educational event, at the very least for the cash cost estimate: $1930.
  • Note: This budget does not include the individual EcoReality member gift economy to Tree for the teachings.

Labor budget

  • food preparation (snacks in adv., some cooking in adv., Thurs dinner, beverage station) = 15 person hours (all)
  • if EcoReality cooks Friday breakfast and lunch, as well as Thurs dinner, add another 10 person hours (all)
  • planning and communications and registration= 30 person hours (Shannon and James)
  • logistics and maintenance (portopotty, water systems, bathrooms, cleaning, campground, indoor hospitality) = 6 person hours (James, Susie Anne?)
  • welcoming, extracurricular, tour - 3 person hours (Jan, Brenden?)
  • childcare - ?

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