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Project steward

James Cowan


James is working in conjunction with VANOC for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and has ordered a list of assets being disposed of by VANOC. James would like to bring the items to EcoReality and sell them locally.


VANOC is selling items for about $.30-$.60 on the dollar of what they paid for them. James has a list of items to purchase, ranging from folding chairs and tables, cordless drills, pallet jacks, white boards etc. James hopes to sell some of the items in Vancouver, then bring items to Salt Spring to sell locally. James would like to use EcoReality as the base for these sales and have two bigger "garage sale" type days as well as sales by appointment for a period of 2-4 weeks. These items can mostly be stored outside under cover (tarped or under pop up tents) but some might need to be stored in the barn. In exchange, James proposes to offer EcReality $200 of goods and Jan and Carol $100 of goods. Residents will also get first pick on any other items to purchase. Residents can also sell other items on the "garage sale" days. Residents can also help James with sorting and selling in exchange for items.

Goal or deliverable

  1. Host James' items for sale.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

  1. Items will arrive probably around March 15-Apr 1. Proposed Garage Sale dates of April 3-4 2010.
  2. All items not being kept by residents will be sold or rid of by April 30, 2010.


  1. Items will come over from Vancouver ideally in one load and will be sorted and priced.
  2. Garage sale days will be set in advance and advertising will be done by James.
  3. Garage sale days logistics will be managed by James (traffic flow, parking, signage etc).

Financial budget

  1. This project has no associated costs to the co-op.

Labour budget

  1. This project has no associated labour costs to the co-op.

Final accounting

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