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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20090628.
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Project ID: 95

Project steward

Jan Steinman


As part of our education and outreach mandate, EcoReality needs to continue to engage the public to educate and inform.


For at least four years, an ad-hoc group of Salt Springers has organized an "Eco-home tour," based upon houses with salient ecological features, such as natural building, alternative energy production, or water management.

This year, they have broadened their vision and changed the name to "Eco-living tour," and invited EcoReality to take part, stressing the co-operative nature of our situation.

Many of us thought we were not ready for such an event, but the organizers would like to use our site as a staging area for "homeless" participants, such as a builder of 100 sqft houses and a reseller of electric bicycles and scooters.

In addition to hosting such "homeless" participants, we will hold periodic farm tours, do biodiesel demonstrations, and provide minimal props to explain our co-operative working structures.

Goal or deliverable

  1. Work plan for when who will be where, doing what.
  2. Materials plan for demonstrations and props.

Timeline, schedule, or end date

June 10, 24, July 8, 22, August 5, -58 days 
Advertising in Island Tides as part of our ongoing promotions. (Jan)
July 6, -41 days
Liase with co-participants (Jan)
July 15, -32 days
EcoReality newsletter coverage (Jan)
July 16, 10 AM, -31 days
Planning meeting (all)
July 20, -27 days
Press release (Jan)
August 9, -7 days
Props complete, discuss last-minute items at weekly Residents' Meeting (all)


  1. Agree to hold event (all) done
  2. Investigate needs of co-participants (Jan) (ongoing)
  3. Begin public relations campaign. (Jan) (ongoing)
  4. Brainstorm structure of event; determine tasks and roles. (all)
  5. Complete props and other material needs. (all)
  6. Conduct event.

Financial budget

advertising (split with at least three other events)
props and materials (mostly on-hand)

Labor budget

Jan, 48 hours 
planning, administration, coordination, liaison, public relations, props, event day
James, 12 hours 
logistics, props, event day
Others, 30 hours 
props, support, event day

Cash Outlay


Labour, by person

4Carol Wagner9.026.7%
2Jan Steinman24.773.3%

Labour, by activity

8Public Relating1.85.4%
25Telephone/Video Communicating2.47.0%

Vehicle Use

"Vehicles" with no odometer, such as tractors or stationary equipment, are in tenths of an hour, rather than kilometres.

5Bubba2 km
5TOTAL:2 km


James CowanBubba2009-08-152 km$0.856EcoRealitymove farm equipmentyes

Final accounting

Incomplete, pending receipt of everyone's time sheets. (Hint, hint!)

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