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This is a general introductory page that contains links for specific projects.


Projects overview

A project is a task or collection of tasks that achieve a goal that satisfies an identified need.

Projects defined

Projects are defined by

  • a steward, who is the responsible person for facilitating the completion of the project,
  • a brief need statement, concisely identifying what need will be satisfied by the project,
  • a more detailed description statement, outlining the proposed method and means of completing the project,
  • a goal or deliverable, the concrete project outcome that satisfies the project need,
  • a Timeline, schedule, or end date, which links deadlines or milestones to project tasks or phases,
  • a Plan, a checklist of tasks that typically happen in sequential order to complete the project,
  • a list of Related/Prerequisite Projects, (if any) with links to related and/or prerequisite projects,
  • a Financial budget that lists estimated expenditures, and
  • a Labour budget that lists estimated labour, broken down by skills and/or persons.

Creating a project

Go to the project template page, edit it, copy all the text, create a new page, paste the template text in, and edit appropriately.

In addition to a wiki page, a project record must be created in the database in order for time and expenses to be logged against it. Contact the Communication steward when you create a new project so the database can be updated. You will then receive a project ID number that, when plugged into the template on your new project page, will automagically display labour and vehicle use billed to the project.

Projects may be within an individual steward's budget authority, or the necessary financial outlay for a project may be agreed at a Business meeting. Projects that have been agreed at a meeting should have the template {{agreement|date}} at the top, where date is the date of the meeting in which the agreement is made, in the format "YYYYMMDD" — it will then show up as a link to the proper meeting minutes.

Completing projects

A project is deemed completed when

  • the project goal has been attained and the project need is satisfied,
  • the financial expenditures and income are realized and reconciled, and
  • the labour expended is accounted and optionally allocated to co-op shares or paid out in cash.

When complete:

  • the category for the project is changed from [[Category:Projects]] to [[Category:Projects, completed]].
  • there must be a section called ==Final accounting== summarizing income and expenses. Contact the Finance steward for final accounting information.

Projects seeking funding

Here is a list of smallish projects that need funding -- join in on the fun by helping out on one or more!

Projects in process

Following is a table of projects in process, followed by a table of completed projects. Click on any project name for complete detail. Projects that have been edited recently are at the top by default — click on the icon next to any column name to sort by that column, either ascending or descending.

Project Steward Need
Activity Members and others need to access the current list of activities and their codes, so they can complete their time sheets.
Project/Necessary changes in involvement in EcoReality
Project/Composting toilets Jan Steinman We need a number of composting toilets:
  • for routine use by residents,
  • for classroom students,
  • for longer events with larger groups.
Project/Community farm store Jan Steinman We need an improved farmgate sales facility, and we could share it with other farms in the valley.
Project/Electric market vehicle Jan Steinman To have a dedicated vehicle for doing Tuesday and Saturday markets, with a high "wow!" value that will earn us credibility in the greater community.
Project/Commercial propagation greenhouse reconstruction Jan Steinman Our successful greenhouse operation needs to expand.
Project/EcoNest cottage Jan Steinman We need more housing!
Project/Produce cooling shed Jan Steinman We need to have a temporary storage area for produce, so that harvest time is not so closely tied to market times.
Project/Medicinal herbs Jan Steinman to supply ourselves and the greater community with a local source for medicinal herbs
Project/Water system maintenance Jan Steinman To keep water flowing to our houses and crops.
Project/Perennial fruit Jan Steinman Produce chestnuts, hazelnuts, blueberries, saskatoon berries, strawberries and other perennial fruit for the use of the co-op and for sale at the farm stand.
Project/Essential oil distillery Jan Steinman To provide a method of distilling essential oils from various plants.
Project/Cheese workshop Jan Steinman Numerous people have asked us to do a cheese workshop.
Project/Yellow house suite Jan Steinman We have more investors than we have housing!
Project/Permaculture design course 2012 Jan Steinman To further educate ourselves and the general public about the practice of Permaculture, to increase EcoReality's presence in the Permaculture world, to possibly recruit new EcoReality members, to generate income for local Permaculture instructors.
Project start User Name A sentence-long description of the need your project fulfills goes here.

Can extract from database with: a placeholder for projects that don't exist yet.

Project/Eggs Jan Steinman To have fresh eggs and meat for income and eating.
Projects Members and others need to access the current list of open EcoReality projects and their codes, in order to complete their time logs.
Project/Road buffer Jan Steinman The visual, noise, and atmospheric pollution from Fulford-Ganges Road is a constant drain or our collective psyches. We fear for children wandering out on the road. It keeps us from planting things that we think might pick up pollution. Visitors and prospective members mention it as an eyesore.

From the other direction, it is like living in a fish bowl. We find ourselves being unduly influenced by individual and collective perceptions of what others see. We need to keep a good public image, yet without being facetious or shallow about the strictly visual aspects of public perception. We want to be able to have a mess now and then, without worrying about what the greater Salt Spring community thinks about our mess.

Project/Enterprise resource planning system Jan Steinman To track project progress milestones and deadlines, and to allocate income, expense, labour and other resources to profit-centres, EcoReality needs an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that allows collaboration, transparency, and timely reporting of all project data.
Project/Building extension Jan Steinman For additional covered/sheltered area, not necessarily heatable.
Project/Outdoor showers Jan Steinman * To provide shower facilities necessary for summer camping for students and visitors.
Project/Campground Jan Steinman * To provide facilities necessary for summer camping for students and visitors.
Project/Outdoor kitchen Jan Steinman For summer events with larger groups, we need an outdoor kitchen.
Project/Biodiesel processor, v2 Jan Steinman Install and make operational the Sharp Road processor at the Fulford site.
Project/Arbor, yellow house Jan Steinman The summer sun comes beaming into the kitchen and dining room, making things a lot hotter than they need to be.
Projects seeking funding
Project/Emergency power Jan Steinman When the electricity is out, we have no water, and the yellow house has no effective heat.
Project/Rezoning request Jan Steinman Change zoning on a portion of EcoReality in order to facilitate strata titles.

Completed projects

These are projects that have met the criteria for completion.

Project Steward
Completed projects
Project/2009 Eco-living tour Jan Steinman
Project/2152 shelving Carol Wagner
Project/2172 shelving James Cowan
Project/Biodiesel processor Jan Steinman
Project/Commercial propagation greenhouse Jan Steinman
Project/Commercial propagation greenhouse deconstruction Jan Steinman
Project/Compost project fall 2008 Shannon Cowan
Project/EcoReality land purchase trust project Jan Steinman
Project/Electric meters Jan Steinman
Project/Fencing, north Jan Steinman
Project/Garlic planting plan Shannon Cowan
Project/Goat shed II Jan Steinman
Project/Mongolian ger Christopher Roy
Project/Move Jan Steinman & Carol Wagner
Project/Plan Z Jan Steinman
Project/Richardson PDC 2009 Jan Steinman
Project/Road sign Jan Steinman
Project/Spaceship removal Jan Steinman
Project/Starhawk Event 2009 James Cowan
Project/Strategic metaplan Jan Steinman
Project/Sustainable food education event for SFU 20090612 Shannon Cowan
Project/Wood heat for 2152 Jan Steinman
Project/Woodshed extension Jan Steinman
Project/Yellow house skylights Jan Steinman

Abandoned projects

These are projects whose steward has left EcoReality without bringing their project to completion.

Project Steward
Project/2010 olympic asset sale James Cowan
Project/Facilitation training weekend July 2010 Shannon Cowan
Project/Farm care schedule Shannon Cowan
Project/Farm stay hostelry Ben Corno
Project/Ikea shed Susie Anne Bartsch
Project/Labyrinth Carol Wagner
Project/Playground Susie Anne Bartsch
Project/Soil test plan Shannon Cowan
Project/UBC student learning program at ecoreality 2009 Shannon Cowan
Project/Water management Jan Steinman
Wood heat for 2172 James Cowan

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