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Blackberries have been important to EcoReality from our first year on Salt Spring Island. They form the basis of many value-added products.

We make jams and jellies out of them and flavour ice cream. We often steam-juice them and heat-seal the juice, for room-temperature-stable storage. The pulp is then strained and frozen. We have successfully marketed the juice and pulp to other value-added producers, notably Legato Gelato goat milk ice cream.

EcoReality blackberries come predominantly from a field about 400 metres from the road, and thus are free of road dust and car exhaust residue.

Other product statistics:

Other statistics:

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Statistics for product #9, berries, blackberries


Harvester by Year

0User, Undefined4.1822.991.2117.623.9349.93kilograms
2Steinman, Jan12.5812.0031.7524.6615.7320.835.648.67131.84kilograms
3Rowe, Cleome21.5126.1533.873.6433.43118.59kilograms
4Wagner, Carol22.300.6722.97kilograms
5Cowan, Shannon3.583.206.78kilograms
271Cormier, Philippe-Antoine1.241.24kilograms
277Alladin, Farrah3.703.70kilograms
305Huang, Jae3.493.49kilograms
311Greene, Dani1.621.62kilograms
324St. Hilaia, Felix18.6318.63kilograms
359Ada, Ronald2.452.45kilograms
371Pettett, Nerissa1.631.63kilograms
381Gammon, Micayla8.448.44kilograms
390Brooke, Liv5.805.80kilograms
392Ratzloff, Trenton5.925.92kilograms
393Christensen, Camilla8.778.77kilograms
394Valleé, Steven18.5618.56kilograms
397Baldwinson, Chelsea3.983.98kilograms
416Hamilton, Rebecca3.563.56kilograms
435Peters, Jon29.0429.04kilograms
471Phipps, Joan7.407.40kilograms
482d'Apallonia, Sarah2.582.58kilograms
490Heumann, Kevin2.912.91kilograms
TOTAL:Heumann, Kevin4.1816.163.2034.3037.3566.2840.8998.4492.9713.6152.43459.80kilograms

Harvester Value by Year

0User, Undefined$22.99$126.44$6.65$96.91$21.62$274.62wholesale8
2Steinman, Jan$69.19$66.00$174.60$135.60$86.49$114.56$30.99$47.68$725.12wholesale25
3Rowe, Cleome22
4Wagner, Carol$250.21$7.52$257.72wholesale4
5Cowan, Shannon$19.69$17.60$37.29wholesale6
271Cormier, Philippe-Antoine$8.15$8.15wholesale2
277Alladin, Farrah$24.39$24.39wholesale1
305Huang, Jae1
311Greene, Dani$8.91$8.91wholesale1
324St. Hilaia, Felix$102.46$102.46wholesale2
359Ada, Ronald$13.48$13.48wholesale1
371Pettett, Nerissa$8.96$8.96wholesale1
381Gammon, Micayla$46.39$46.39wholesale3
390Brooke, Liv$31.90$31.90wholesale1
392Ratzloff, Trenton$32.56$32.56wholesale2
393Christensen, Camilla$48.24$48.24wholesale2
394Valleé, Steven$102.05$102.05wholesale5
397Baldwinson, Chelsea$21.89$21.89wholesale2
416Hamilton, Rebecca$19.58$19.58wholesale2
435Peters, Jon$159.72$159.72wholesale13
471Phipps, Joan$40.67$40.67wholesale2
482d'Apallonia, Sarah$14.16$14.16wholesale1
490Heumann, Kevin1
TOTAL:Heumann, Kevin108

First/Last by Year

YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest
2007Aug 9Sep 27504.1800.08422.090
2008Aug 30Sep 182016.1600.80882.020
2009Aug 19Aug 1913.2003.20013.200
2010Aug 22Sep 91934.3001.80565.717
2011Aug 23Sep 213037.3451.245113.395
2012Aug 18Sep 203466.2751.949611.046
2013Aug 5Aug 242040.8902.045123.408
2014Aug 6Sep 103698.4352.734234.280
2015Jul 17Aug 102592.9703.719263.576
2016Aug 10Aug 231413.6100.97243.403
2017Aug 9Aug 282052.4302.62295.826


by Venue


by Venue, in kilograms


Seller by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$22.99$88.88$17.60$384.85$246.47$364.51$224.90$541.39$511.34$74.85$2,477.78

Buyer by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$22.99$88.88$17.60$384.85$246.47$364.51$224.90$541.39$511.34$74.85$2,477.78

by Market-Week


Information about product #9, Rubus procerus (dg fo pf wp) , berries, blackberries

  • Income from this product qualifies for determining property tax farm status.
  • This is a raw agricultural product.
SuperUnitsProfit CentreDescriptionHabitatPropagationHazardsNotes
berrieskilogramsFruiticultureDisturbed areas, pioneer edge species along woodlots, stream banks, roads, etc.Seed - requires stratification and is best sown in early autumn in a cold frame. Stored seed requires one month stratification at about 3°c and is best sown as early as possible in the year. Prick out the seedlings when they are large enough to handle and grow on in a cold frame. Plant them out into their permanent positions in late spring of the following year. Cuttings of half-ripe wood, July/August in a frame[200]. Tip layering in July. Plant out in autumn. Division in early spring or just before leaf-fall in the autumn[200]. Easily grown in a good well-drained loamy soil in sun or semi-shade[1, 11, 200]. A form of this species, known as 'Himalayan giant', is commonly cultivated in temperate zones for its edible fruit[50]. Although a blackberry, the stems are often perennial and can fruit for more than one year[50]. This name may be wrongly applied . According to the new RHS Dictionary of Gardening, the correct name for the 'Himalayan Giant' blackberry is R. procerus. P.J.Muell., the name R. discolor is misapplied. Plants in this genus are notably susceptible to honey fungus[200].

Plantings: First/Last by Year

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