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Other product statistics:

Other statistics:

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Statistics for product #65, garlic scapes


EAN-13 barcode used for retail point-of-sale scanners.



Harvester by Year

2Steinman, Jan4.374.37kilograms
3Rowe, Cleome6.135.068.6514.5234.35kilograms
4Wagner, Carol3.154.222.409.77kilograms
5Cowan, Shannon7.547.54kilograms
148Bartsch, Susie Anne6.016.01kilograms
190Conrad, Ken0.960.96kilograms
312Mclaughlin, Meaghan3.353.35kilograms
382Fuller, Wylie6.556.55kilograms
386Pitt-Brooke, Aidan1.901.90kilograms
426Reesor, Natasha6.016.01kilograms
471Phipps, Joan5.375.37kilograms
TOTAL:Phipps, Joan16.705.182.403.358.4512.149.745.068.6514.5286.18kilograms

Harvester Value by Year

2Steinman, Jan$14.42$14.42actual1
3Rowe, Cleome$20.21$16.70$28.54$47.90$113.35actual6
4Wagner, Carol$6.93$9.28$5.27$21.48wholesale10
5Cowan, Shannon$16.59$16.59wholesale7
148Bartsch, Susie Anne$13.22$13.22wholesale4
190Conrad, Ken$2.11$2.11wholesale1
312Mclaughlin, Meaghan$14.74$14.74retail1
382Fuller, Wylie$28.82$28.82retail1
386Pitt-Brooke, Aidan$8.36$8.36retail2
426Reesor, Natasha$19.83$19.83actual1
471Phipps, Joan$17.72$17.72actual1
TOTAL:Phipps, Joan$55.11$17.09$7.90$11.05$27.88$40.05$32.14$16.70$28.54$47.90$284.38actual35

First/Last by Year

YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest
2009Jun 12Jul 42316.7000.726141.193
2010Jun 21Jul 11215.1800.24741.295
2011Jul 3Jul 1192.3950.26640.599
2012Jun 25Jun 2513.3503.35013.350
2014Jun 13Jun 1758.4501.69032.817
2015Jun 8Jun 211412.1350.86726.068
2016Jun 6Jun 1389.7401.21824.870
2018Jun 21Jun 2115.0605.06015.060
2019Jun 6Jun 19148.6500.61824.325
2020May 28Jun 212514.5150.58127.258


by Venue

Tuesday market$1.00$3.50$4.50
Saturday market$9.00$15.00$24.00

by Venue, in kilograms

Tuesday market1.0001.1702.170
Saturday market8.0001.3649.364

Seller by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$36.74$11.40$1.98$12.74$20.18$40.05$32.14$155.23
Gammon, Micayla$15.00$15.00
Roy, Emmanuel$4.00$4.00
Steinman, Jan$5.00$2.00$3.50$10.50
Wagner, Carol$1.00$1.00

Buyer by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$36.74$11.40$1.98$12.74$20.18$40.05$32.14$155.23
Hughes, Rachel$2.00$2.00
Patrons, Market$10.00$18.50$28.50

by Market-Week


Information about product #65, Allium sativum (dg fo pf wp) , garlic scapes

  • Income from this product qualifies for determining property tax farm status.
  • This is a raw agricultural product.
SuperUnitsProfit CentreDescriptionHabitatPropagationHazardsNotes
garlickilogramsMarket Gardencultivated bedsThere have been cases of poisoning caused by the consumption, in large quantities and by some mammals, of this species. Dogs seem to be particularly susceptible[76]. Avoid with anticlotting medication. Breastfeeding may worsen baby's colic. Avoid several weeks prior to surgery. Bad breath!! [301].Succeeds in most soils but prefers a sunny position in a moist light well-drained soil[1, 14, 16, 37]. Dislikes very acid soils[206]. Tolerates a pH in the range 4.5 to 8.3. The bulb is liable to rot if grown in a wet soil[27, 52]. Hardy to at least -10°c[206]. The bulbs should be planted fairly deeply[1]. Garlic has a very long history of use as a food and a medicine[244]. It was given to the Egyptian labourers when building the pyramids because it was believed to confer strength and protect from disease, it was also widely used by the Romans[244]. It is widely cultivated in most parts of the world for its edible bulb, which is used mainly as a flavouring in foods. There are a number of named varieties[200]. Bulb formation occurs in response to increasing daylength and temperature[200]. It is also influenced by the temperature at which the cloves were stored prior to planting. Cool storage at temperatures between 0 and 10°c will hasten subsequent bulb formation, storage at above 25°c will delay or prevent bulb formation[200, 206]. Grows well with most plants, especially roses, carrots, beet and chamomile, but it inhibits the growth of legumes[18, 20, 54]. This plant is a bad companion for alfalfa, each species negatively affecting the other[201]. Members of this genus are rarely if ever troubled by browsing deer[233].

Plantings: First/Last by Year

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