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Other product statistics:

Other statistics:

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Statistics for product #313, stevia


EAN-13 barcode used for retail point-of-sale scanners.



Harvester by Year

2Steinman, Jan0.060.210.27kilograms
3Rowe, Cleome0.010.210.900.210.091.41kilograms
TOTAL:Rowe, Cleome0.070.420.900.210.091.67kilograms

Harvester Value by Year

2Steinman, Jan$2.64$9.65$12.29retail3
3Rowe, Cleome6
TOTAL:Rowe, Cleome9

First/Last by Year

YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest
2015Sep 21Oct 2120.0650.00530.022
2016Oct 9Oct 910.4150.41520.208
2018Sep 24Nov 30680.8950.01320.448
2019Sep 5Sep 510.2050.20510.205
2020Sep 18Sep 1810.0900.09010.090


by Venue


by Venue, in kilograms


Seller by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$3.02$3.02

Buyer by Year

Co-op, EcoReality$3.02$3.02

by Market-Week


Information about product #313, Stevia rebaudiana (dg fo pf wp) , stevia

  • Income from this product qualifies for determining property tax farm status.
  • This is a raw agricultural product.
SuperUnitsProfit CentreDescriptionHabitatPropagationHazardsNotes
kilogramsMedicinal HerbsPlants thrive in rich garden soil, and also they do very well in pots. Tend to get a bit leggy so cut them back to encourage lower branch growth. Plants prefer full sun to part shade and humidity, and plenty of water.Heat-dependent germinator does best if sown just under the surface, tamped well, kept evenly moist and in direct sun or under lights or in a greenhouse with temperatures from 80 to 85 degrees F. Germination in 1 to 2 weeks. Protect from slugs, which like the sweetness about as well as any other beast. Prick seedlings into gallon pots or transplant out to garden at about 1 foot spacing in the temperate north and about 2 foot spacing in warmer zones.Tender herbaceous perennial in the temperate north and evergreen subshrub in warmer climates (zone 9 and up). May be effectively grown as an annual. Native to Paraguay and Brazil.

The dried leaf is used for sweetening drinks and is purportedly 250 times sweeter than sugar.

Medicinally, stevia is used as a flavoring agent, a wound healer, a treatment for hypoglycemia, and a digestive aid.

Plantings: First/Last by Year

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