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Other statistics:

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Statistics for product #277, fruit, preserved, tomato, smokey

Red roasted tomatoes seasoned with chipotle and smoked cayenne.


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Harvester by Year

3Rowe, Cleome2.252.25liters
TOTAL:Rowe, Cleome2.252.25liters

Harvester Value by Year

3Rowe, Cleome$54.00$54.00actual1
TOTAL:Rowe, Cleome$54.00$54.00actual1

First/Last by Year

YearFirstLastDayskgPer DayHarvestsPer Harvest
2015Aug 7Aug 712.2502.25012.250


by Venue


by Venue, in liters


Seller by Year


Buyer by Year


by Market-Week


Information about product #277, Solanum lycopersicum (dg fo pf wp) , fruit, preserved, tomato, smokey

  • Income from this product does not qualify for determining property tax farm status.
  • This is a value added product.
SuperUnitsProfit CentreDescriptionHabitatPropagationHazardsNotes
fruit, preserved, unspecifiedlitersValue-AddedRed roasted tomatoes seasoned with chipotle and smoked cayenne.DeterminateOregon Spring Organic tomato seeds produce the early tomato of choice for growers in cold, wet climates or anywhere with a short growing season. This variety is resistant to Verticillium Wilt. The compact, tidy bush is resilient and will produce luscious medium large fruit, about 170-200 gram (6-7 oz.). Fruits have a mild, sweet flavour and remain nearly seedless until the end of summer. Developed Dr. James Baggett with Oregon State University, Oregon Spring Organic are renowned for their early yields and remarkable ability to set easily in cool weather. These determinate (bush) plants are parthenocarpic - forming fruit without pollination.

Plantings: First/Last by Year

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