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158agri-tourismThis is a catch-all superclass for all things related to agri-tourism
77alfalfaMedicago sativa (dg fo pf wp)Human food-grade
48animal products
160apples, drieddehydrated apples
103apples, foragegroundfall apples gathered for animal feed
35artichokesCynara cardunculus (dg fo pf wp)
67arugulaEruca sativa (dg fo pf wp)
364bag, agriculture canada shoppingShopping bag featuring Canadian Agriculture
251baked goodsVarious baked goods, generally a superclass of individual products.
23basilOcimum basilicum (dg fo pf wp)
213basil, holy (tulsi), buds and flowersOcimum sanctum (dg fo pf wp)
322basil, holy (tulsi), dried leaf teaOcimum sanctum (dg fo pf wp)Tulsi leaves, dehydrator dried
353basil, holy (tulsi), leavesOcimum sanctum (dg fo pf wp)
7beansPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
8beans, fava, podsPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
25beans, greenPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
275beans, green, cannedPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)Pressure-canned green beans.
36beans, mature, for seedPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
101beans, pickledPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
122beans, purplePhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
123beans, scarlet runner
172bed & breakfastA paid stay at EcoReality.
58beetsBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
150beets, forageBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)beets unfit for market nor processing
143beets, goldenBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
269beets, mangleBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)Livestock feed beets, used as a trap crop for wireworms.
155beets, pickledBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
197beets, sugarBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
9berries, blackberriesRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)
63berries, blueberriesVaccinium corymbosum (dg fo pf wp)
342berries, currants, black
138berries, gojiLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)
286berries, gumiElaeagnus multiflora (dg fo pf wp)Gumi from shrub south of Yellow House.
258berries, hawFruit of the American Hawthorne tree.
168berries, japanese silverberryElaeagnus umbellata (dg fo pf wp)Autumn Olive from shrub south of Yellow House.
2berries, loganberries
1berries, raspberries
66berries, strawberries
341berries, tay berriescross between blackberries and loganberries
145berry, physalisPhysalis peruviana (dg fo pf wp)
75bok choyBrassica rapa (dg fo pf wp)
290book, Only Paper, Merely WordsISBN 0-9724015-0-4
132bread, zucchiniCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)zucchini muffin w/choc chips
26broccoliBrassica oleracea (dg fo pf wp)
368broth, chicken, cannedchicken broth, pressure-canned
156cabbageBrassica oleracea (dg fo pf wp)head cabbage
188cabbage, redBrassica oleracea (dg fo pf wp)
301cake, carrotDaucus carota (dg fo pf wp)Typically, with farm-raised carrots and possibly goat milk in frosting
175camelina seedCamelina sativa (dg fo pf wp)
331carrot, driedDaucus carota (dg fo pf wp)
15carrotsDaucus carota (dg fo pf wp)
220carrots, pickledDaucus carota (dg fo pf wp)carrots pickled with pepperoncini and garlic
72cauliflowerBrassica oleracea (dg fo pf wp)
330celery, driednot-stalk, cutting celery, dried
296celery, leafnot-stalk, cutting celery
20chardBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
56cheese, goat, curdsSoft cheese from our milk, possibly used for making harder or preserved cheese.
87cheese, goat, feta
294cheese, goat, quarkFirmer than yogurt, runnier than cream cheese, cultured and renetted soft spreading cheese.
165cheese, goat, ricottaricotta cheese made from whey
231cherries, cannedCherries from Dudley's place, canned in light syrup.
167cherries, wildWild cherries from trees on the west and east property line.
41chickens, broilers, whole
49chicks, hatchlings
111cider, blackberry/appleRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)complete fermentation, carbonated in-bottle
112cider, pearcomplete fermentation
257cilantroCoriandrum sativum (dg fo pf wp)
140Classes & EventsThis is an abstract superclass for all classes and events. It should not have any instances.
303coffee, hot
166collard greens
102container depositA deposit paid for a reusable container, such as a milk bottle or jam jar.
179cornZea mays (dg fo pf wp)
284course, residentialAny course or event that spans at least one night, with room and/or board included.
81creamcream separated from milk
182cucumber, armenianCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
16cucumbersCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
332cucumbers, driedMyrica cerifera (dg fo pf wp)
259cucumbers, englishCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
362cucumbers, indian burr gherkinCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
17cucumbers, lemonCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
234cucumbers, miniature whiteCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
241cucumbers, mouse melonMelothria scabra (dg fo pf wp)Tiny cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons
261cucumbers, mouse melon, pickledMelothria scabra (dg fo pf wp)Tiny cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons, in pear cider vinegar and pickling spices
262cucumbers, mouse melon, pickled, sweetMelothria scabra (dg fo pf wp)Tiny cucumbers that look like miniature watermelons, in pear cider vinegar, sugar, and pickling spices
133cupcake, beet-chocolatebeet-chocolate cupcake
217dill weedAnethum graveolens (dg fo pf wp)
329dock, sour
256donationMoney willingly contributed, such as the "tip jar."
337ducklingducklings hatched
327ducks, whole
169edible flowersVarious edible flowers, nasturtiums, etc.
374eggplant, Pintung LongSolanum melongena (dg fo pf wp)long purple eggplant
344eggplant, turkishSolanum melongena (dg fo pf wp)small, brightly-coloured eggplant
37eggs, chicken
89eggs, duck
293eggs, goose
373eggs, pickled
285experiential learningThis is typically for single event day classes for school students.
129fennel, bulb
128fennel, leaf
360fennel, seed
343fenugreek, seedTrigonell foenum-graecum (dg fo pf wp)
177flax, fibrefibre flax stems without roots nor seed heads, green weight
178flax, seedmature seeds from flax, cleaned weight
176fruit, juice, blackberryRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)juice from blackberries, wether pressed or steamed
157fruit, juice, pearliquid juice from pears
260fruit, preserved, appleTypically, per 250g jar
110fruit, preserved, apple, butter
195fruit, preserved, apple, ginger
162fruit, preserved, apple, juice
130fruit, preserved, berry, tripleTayberry, raspberry & thimble berries
113fruit, preserved, blackberryRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)typically, per 250g jar
244fruit, preserved, blackberry-coconut, no seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
304fruit, preserved, blackberry-gojiRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
216fruit, preserved, blackberry-jalapeñoRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)
282fruit, preserved, blackberry-jalapeño, honeyRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Blackberry-jalapeño jam, sweetened with honey
214fruit, preserved, blackberry-jalapeño, no seRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)
215fruit, preserved, blackberry-jalapeño, seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)
95fruit, preserved, blackberry-lavenderRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)typically, per 250g jar
268fruit, preserved, blackberry-lavender-coconut, no seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)
281fruit, preserved, blackberry-lavender, honeyRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Blackberry-lavender jam, sweetened with honey.
245fruit, preserved, blackberry-lavender, no seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
246fruit, preserved, blackberry-lavender, seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
305fruit, preserved, blackberry-plumRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
306fruit, preserved, blackberry-plum, honeyRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
314fruit, preserved, blackberry-plum, no seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
253fruit, preserved, blackberry-rose hip, no seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
288fruit, preserved, blackberry, honeyRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Blackberry jam, sweetened with honey.
139fruit, preserved, blackberry, no seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)typically, per 250g jar
243fruit, preserved, blackberry, seedsRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar
238fruit, preserved, cherry
236fruit, preserved, cherry-almond
237fruit, preserved, cherry-jalapeñoWith our own jalapeño peppers.
240fruit, preserved, cherry-silverberryWith our own Japanese Silverberries
312fruit, preserved, garlic-onionroasted garlic and carmelized onion
192fruit, preserved, ginger seckel
276fruit, preserved, goji, brandiedLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)Goji berries and fresh apples, sweetened with honey, spiced, with brandy.
279fruit, preserved, goji, smokeyLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)Goji berries and tomatoes, sweetened with honey, seasoned with smoked peppers.
96fruit, preserved, grapeVitis vinifera (dg fo pf wp)typically, per 250g jar
94fruit, preserved, grape & rose hipVitis vinifera (dg fo pf wp)typically, per 250g jar
315fruit, preserved, grape, butter
161fruit, preserved, green tomato, spicyLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)spicy green tomato jelly
247fruit, preserved, haw, honeyTypically, per 250g jar
109fruit, preserved, hawberrytypically, per 250g jar
248fruit, preserved, pear-apple butterTypically, per 250g jar
171fruit, preserved, pear-gojiLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)Jam made from seckel pear juice and fresh goji berries.
316fruit, preserved, pear-jalapeñoRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)
310fruit, preserved, pear, butter
163fruit, preserved, peruvian goldenberryPhysalis peruviana (dg fo pf wp)
311fruit, preserved, plum-goji
173fruit, preserved, plum, gingerPrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)Yellow plum jelly with ginger
280fruit, preserved, plum, ginger, honeyPrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)Yellow plums from Zolt with lots of ginger, sweetened with honey.
249fruit, preserved, plum, purplePrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)Typically, per 250g jar, from Zolt's trees across street
264fruit, preserved, plum, yellowPrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)Ttypically, per 250g jar, from Zolt's trees across street
298fruit, preserved, raspberry
299fruit, preserved, raspberry-janapeño
118fruit, preserved, strawberry
239fruit, preserved, strawberry-gojiLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)With our own fresh goji berries
254fruit, preserved, strawberry, honey
278fruit, preserved, tomato, harvestLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Yellow/orange roasted tomatoes seasoned with cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg
277fruit, preserved, tomato, smokeyLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Red roasted tomatoes seasoned with chipotle and smoked cayenne.
93fruit, preserved, unspecifiedtypically per 250g jar
170fruit, preserved, wild cherry & japanese silverberryElaeagnus umbellata (dg fo pf wp)Jam made from wild cherry juice and autumn olive berries.
126fruit, preserved, wild cherry/apple
64garlicAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
92garlic butterAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)garlic, butter, and olive oil
65garlic scapesAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
369garlic scapes, in olive oil, frozenAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
252garlic scapes, pickledAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
78garlic, elephantAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
68garlic, elephant, cormsAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
99garlic, in olive oilAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
100garlic, pickledAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)
218gherkinsCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)small canned pickles in a sweet brine
55goat, female
54goat, male
335goslinggoslings hatched
225gourd, luffaLuffa aegyptiaca (dg fo pf wp)
45grapesVitis vinifera (dg fo pf wp)
46hay, baled
107hay, choppedfrom Gavin's haybine
47hay, hand-gathered
235hummus, garlic scapeAllium sativum (dg fo pf wp)Hummus made with our garlic scapes
338jaltomatoSolanum retroflexu (dg fo pf wp)
60kaleBrassica oleracea (dg fo pf wp)
334kale, driedBrassica oleracea (dg fo pf wp)
124lambs quarter
328leaves, grapefor pickling
134leeksAllium porrum (dg fo pf wp)leeks
57lettuceLactuca sativa (dg fo pf wp)
121lettuce, deer tongueLactuca sativa (dg fo pf wp)
120lettuce, redLactuca sativa (dg fo pf wp)
119lettuce, romaineLactuca sativa (dg fo pf wp)
291meat, chicken, boneless, cannedchicken meat, cooked off the bone, then pressure-canned
367meat, duck, boneless, cannedduck meat, cooked off the bone, then pressure-canned
40meat, market ready
184melonCitrullus lanatus (dg fo pf wp)any nondescript melon
185melon, cantelopeCitrullus lanatus (dg fo pf wp)
263melon, tigerCitrullus lanatus (dg fo pf wp)Small cantelope with tiger stripes
189melon, watermelonCitrullus lanatus (dg fo pf wp)
164milk bottle cleaninga fee paid for the return of dirty milk bottles
53milk, goatMilk from dairy goats.
114milk, goat, colostrum
97milk, goat, frozen, flavoured
90milk, goat, skim
355mint, chocolateMentha spicata (dg fo pf wp)
354mint, spearmintMentha spicata (dg fo pf wp)
375mint, unspecifiedMentha spicata (dg fo pf wp)
227mizunaBrassica rapa nipposinica
131muffin, bananabanana coffee cake muffin
210mushroom, morel
209Mushroomsunknown variety, or super generalization
333nettle, driedUrtica dioica (dg fo pf wp)
292nettle, stingingUrtica dioica (dg fo pf wp)
19OBSOLETE 19Product made redundant.
32OBSOLETE 32Product made redundant.
33OBSOLETE 33Product made redundant.
34OBSOLETE 34Product made redundant.
174onion, green
181onion, redAllium cepa (dg fo pf wp)
180onion, yellowAllium cepa (dg fo pf wp)
59onionsAllium cepa (dg fo pf wp)
154parsley, dried
28pears, Bartlett
29pears, Bosch
82pears, foragepears that are used as animal feed
108pears, juicegraded better than forage, but not good enough to sell as "eaters"
52pears, Seckelfrom two trees NE of yellow house and one tree S of white house
62peasPisum sativum (dg fo pf wp)
135peas, podsPisum sativum (dg fo pf wp)
136peas, shellingPisum sativum (dg fo pf wp)
345peppermixed, unknown, or miscellaneous
223pepper, anchoCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
350pepper, bell, purple beautyCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)Conventional sweet peppers
340pepper, buena mulataCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)purple, some heat
271pepper, candlelightCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)An ornamental pepper with prolific small red mild peppers.
224pepper, cayenneCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
199pepper, Criolla SellaCapsicum baccatum (dg fo pf wp)small, yellow peppers, not too hot
324pepper, driedCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
370pepper, glacéCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)hot peppers steeped in sugar water multiple times
196pepper, jalapeñoCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
349pepper, mulattoCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)Conventional sweet peppers
357pepper, paprikaCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)Conventional sweet peppers
219pepper, pepperonciniCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)thin yellow, upright peppers, about 15 cm long
361pepper, pickledCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
348pepper, pizzaCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
351pepper, starfishCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
198pepper, sweet appleCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
255pepper, sweet apple, driedCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
352pepper, unspecified hotmixed, unknown, or miscellaneous
242pepper, unspecified sweetCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)Conventional sweet peppers
222pepperoncini, pickledCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
228peppers, serranoCapsicum baccatum (dg fo pf wp)
200peruvian goldenberry, driedPhysalis peruviana (dg fo pf wp)
98pesto, hazlenutPesto made with our own basil & garlic, island organic filberts, Quebec organic romano cheese, and organic olive oil
233pickles, bread & butterCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)Sliced cucumbers pickled in a sweet brine.
232pickles, dillCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)Traditional pickled cucumbers, with dill, garlic, and other spices, typically in quart canning jars.
273plant, Chaste treeVitex agnus-castus (dg fo pf wp)Live plant for transplanting.
272plant, Echinacea purpeaEchinacea purpurea (dg fo pf wp)Live plant for transplanting.
283plant, gojiLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)Live plant for transplanting.
115plants, live (starts)This is a generalization for nursery business products.
3plumsPrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)
51plums, black, prunePrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)
267plums, JapanesePrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)Small dark purple plums from Zolt's tree across street.
50plums, yellowPrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)
61potatoesSolanum tuberosum (dg fo pf wp)
73potatoes, blueSolanum tuberosum (dg fo pf wp)
226potatoes, redSolanum tuberosum (dg fo pf wp)
307print, photographicPhotographic prints of agriculture and nature
106pumpkin, pie
191pumpkin, StyrianCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)grown for edible seed, not the pulp
83radishesRaphanus sativus (dg fo pf wp)
295relish, zucchiniCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
300reshish, zucchini, spicyCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
14root crops
86rose hips, wild
24salad greens, non-specific
194salsa, goji-goldenberryLycium barbarum (dg fo pf wp)
230salsa, spicyTomatoes, onions, garlic, hot peppers, and possibly a few other ingredients.
308sandwich, eggbreakfast sandwich of biscuits, egg, and cheese
117sauce, apple
366sauce, BBQLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Ready-to-eat barbeque sauce.
186sauce, blackberryRubus procerus (dg fo pf wp)Strained pulp from after making jelly.
297sauce, cajeta
363sauce, hot pepperCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)Ready-to-eat hot sauce from a variety of our hot peppers.
365sauce, ketsup, spicyLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Ready-to-eat ketsup.
144sauce, pearSeckel pears, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, no added sugar
187sauce, plumPrunus domestica (dg fo pf wp)
229sauce, spaghetti, spicyLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Ready-to-eat spaghetti sauce, with onions, garlic, and hot peppers
270sauce, tomatoLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Tomatoes strained of seeds and skin and reduced about 60% to form a thick sauce.
302scone, savoury
358seed, poppy
201seedsany seed sold for planting purposes
202seeds, beans, scarlet runnerPhaseolus vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)
203seeds, calendula
204seeds, foxglove
205seeds, hollyhockAlcea rosea (dg fo pf wp)
206seeds, pepper, sweet appleCapsicum annuum (dg fo pf wp)
207seeds, pumpkin, styrianCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
159site tours
265soapVarious hard soaps made with goat milk, typically sold in 130 gram cut bars, 9 gram travel bars, and various sized moulded shapes.
289soup, squashCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)typically, served hot in 12 ounce (335 ml) containers with spoon and napkin
309sprouts, sunflowerHelianthus annuus (dg fo pf wp)
70squashCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
104squash, acornCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
321squash, boston marrowCucurbita maxima (dg fo pf wp)
146squash, buttercupCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)dark green, cylindrical
153squash, butternutCucurbita moschata (dg fo pf wp)
147squash, delicataCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)a small, cylindrical squash, light yellow with dark stripes on ridges
149squash, forageCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)squash unfit for market nor processing
152squash, Hollar yellowCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)colour of spaghetti squash, but round, pumpkin-shape
325squash, hubbard blueCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
71squash, patty pansCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
190squash, red kuriCucurbita maxima (dg fo pf wp)
127squash, spaghettiCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
105squash, yellowCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
211starts, basilOcimum basilicum (dg fo pf wp)
212starts, cucumberCucumis sativus (dg fo pf wp)
116starts, strawberrylive strawberry plants in small pots
313steviaStevia rebaudiana (dg fo pf wp)
339sunberrySolanum retroflexu (dg fo pf wp)
356sunflower, headHelianthus annuus (dg fo pf wp)
371tamarillo, dwarf
274tincture, tulsiOcimum sanctum (dg fo pf wp)Tulsi buds and flowers, 1 kg in 1 litre of VSOP brandy
347tomatillo, pineappleLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)sorta like ground cherries
6tomatillosLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)
4tomatoesLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)
266tomatoes, cannedLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)Tomatoes canned, typically with a sprig of basil, some green pepper, and a few cloves of garlic.
137tomatoes, cherryLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)
323tomatoes, driedVitex agnus-castus (dg fo pf wp)
319tomatoes, dried, in oilLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)small tomatoes, baked, then dried, packed in organic olive oil in tall jars
5tomatoes, pasteLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)
30tomatoes, yellowLycopersicon esculentum (dg fo pf wp)
84turnipsBrassica rapa (dg fo pf wp)
148turnips, forageBrassica rapa (dg fo pf wp)turnips unfit for market nor processing
0undefined productthis is a non-existent product
91value added productsAnything that combines one or more farm ingredients with labour.
221vegetables, pickledBeta vulgaris (dg fo pf wp)beets and various vegetables, pickled
208vinegar, pear cider
183whey, raw
43wood, heating
142workshop, biodiesel
141workshop, cheese making
326yam, chinese, bulbils
88yoghurt, goat
69zucchiniCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
346zucchini, cocozelleCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
125zucchini, RomanesqueCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)
151zucchini, ronde de NiceCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)shaped like spaghetti squash, light green with white speckles, good for baking when large or raw when under 10cm
74zucchini, yellowCucurbita pepo (dg fo pf wp)

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