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Potlucks are...

... one path to connect and relate through food and conversation!

Potlucks are one of several different "Heart-2-Heart" events that we have at EcoReality.

We value these opportunities to listen to others, gain perspective, laugh, network, and process experiences at EcoReality. We are discovering they are a great way to reach out to our larger community, and we welcome all to potlucks who are interested in EcoReality.


Potlucks are held on Fridays at 5 PM, however please call or email in advance if you wish to attend to make sure we have room for you, and to confirm that the potluck is actually occurring, as sometimes they are re-scheduled due to members' travel or other reasons.


It is customary for each single person to bring a dish to share. (Couples or families should bring a larger dish.) Please check when you call to see if the potluck is expected to be a large one and in that case if it would be helpful for you to bring your own plates and cutlery. Local, organic dishes are encouraged!
We are a vegetarian community; please do not bring meat dishes without identifying your special needs and asking first.


There is a detailed page about how to get to EcoReality and detailed visitor information for people coming from off-island.

Thank you! We really look forward to meeting you and sharing our potluck space with you.

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