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This has been agreed among those involved by unanimous consent on 20070303.
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Ecoreality Population Policy

  • Diversity in population is key to an ecovillage.
    Sustainability includes having people of all ages living and working with each other on the land.
  • Children are categorized as being under 16 years of age, or under 19 and still in school full time.
  • The ideal ratio of adults to children on the ecovillage is 3:1.
  • Children are a necessity to the community and families are welcome. It is with delicacy and empathy that Ecoreality has established and enforces its population control to maintain the balance of working adults to children and dependents.
    A child on the ecovillage is a child of the ecovillage. We will all share in the child’s upbringing and the child will impact all of our lives.
  • Parents, or "expecting to be" parents, are encouraged to discuss with the community their desire for having or adopting children. The community will pass on “birthing rights” to the couple when the ratio of adults to children is at a level that another child can be supported by the community.
  • Parents having or acquiring children while living in the community without having “birthing rights” will be supported by the ecovillage in their decisions. Those parents are requested to work with the advisory council or population stewards to formulate and present to the rest of the community a plan of inclusion for the new being to fit in. The community will acknowledge that this new person was not within the “birthing rights” category and work to make way and accept the situation.
  • Unexpected births or adoptions are not ideal for the sustainability and planning of the ecovillage. However, not all of life is planned and laid out how we intended, and our values will guide us as a community to create loving, non-violent workability with such a situation. While we are not a haven from the rest of the world, we are a safe place to land, even if temporarily.

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