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Here is EcoReality's seed inventory for plants that supply Fat: Omega-3:

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IDcommon namefamilylatin namedatequantityactiondays to germpropagationdays to maturityhabitatsundrainagesoilinventorynotesnutrientsneedsuse
6Camelina; Gold of Pleasure; Wild Flax; German Sesame; Siberian OilseedBrassicaceaeCamelina sativa (dg fo pf wp)2012-04-12 00:00:0050% germPrepare a weed-free seedbed in spring. S…Easy to grow and high yielding, even on …full sundrought tolerantpoor10 eachHardiness: All zones. Annual native to …Fat, Fat: Omega-3Emollient, Fibre, Food, Forage, Fuel, Oil
1 to 1 of 1 < 1 >

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