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EcoReality Pet Policy

  • Pets are a great addition to an ecovillage. They can be companions as well as having roles or jobs to perform.
    The pet policy is meant to provide guidelines to ensure that the balance of sustainability is not tipped and the removal process of unwanted pets rarely or never has to be used.
  • In a community of 8 households (24 people), the general guidelines for pets are:
    • 4 Outdoor cats (1 per every 2 household)
    • 2 dogs (1 per every 4 households)
  • Cats:
    • Generally there are two types of cats. Indoor (never go outside) and outdoor.
    • Cats that do go outdoors are essentially the community’s cats. They will have free reign of the property and will be able to come and go from their owner’s house as they please. They should be provided with bells around their necks to prevent unwanted critter casualties. It will be the responsibility of the owners to maintain the health of the cats and pay for any medical attention it may need.
  • Dogs:
    • Dogs require heaps of attention and guidance. Any dog residing on the ecovillage must be very friendly, non-threatening, well behaved, well trained, and gets along well with the other animals and people. Including all children.
    • Training is essential for the dog. It is required that:
      • It respects the property’s boundaries.
      • Does not dig in the garden or any other sensitive area.
      • Does not beg for food.
      • Does not chase wildlife or other animals.
      • Comes when called.
      • Can be called off at any point.
      • Knows where it is appropriate to eliminate waste.
  • Indoor pets:
    • Ecoreality supports the theory of non-violence towards all creatures. Caged animals do not live the full lives they do out in the wild. Any requests for indoor pets will be discussed on a case by case basis.
    • Indoor cats are welcome under the same guidelines as the other pets: Friendly, healthy and well behaved.
  • Behavior:
    • The animals of an ecovillage will have maximum stimulation. In their lifetime they will meet hundreds of people and animals including other pets, wildlife, kids, animal lovers (and not so lovers). We feel it is ideal if the pet is friendly (either in an outgoing way or maybe they’re shy and hide for a while when guests arrive, but then warm up to new people).
    • Fighting, attacking other animals, scratching or biting people is a hazard that can be prevented. Aggressive pets are not welcome and will be asked to leave the ecovillage if their behavior is not modified rapidly.
  • Strays:
    • Every pet requires an owner/handler. Homeless pets are welcome only on a temporary emergency basis until a home or owner is found. If the community is at full pet allotment, the home must be off of the community.
  • Pet management:
    • Should a pet go against one of the animal guidelines, the following process will be put in action:
      1. A conversation will be had between the pet owner and the animal stewards; a solution to the behavior will agreed upon and a training/behavior modification plan will be put in to action.
      2. Should the animal persist with the negative behavior the animal will be requested to have limited access to the property and immediate actions will be put in place by the whole community to encourage the pet to modify its habits.
      3. Should the pet persist, it will be requested to find another home.
    • Should a pet act in a violent way towards another animal, immediate action will be taken. An assessment will be done by the animal stewards and they will steward a proposal outlining to the community what options are available for that pet. It may be asked to find another home if the pet has an aggressive history.
    • Should a pet act in a violent way towards a person, it will most likely be asked to find another home immediately.

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