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These are the agendas from past meetings.
Please move meetings to here as they pass.
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March 23

Annual General Meeting

  1. All present recorded
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Approval of Minutes of last year's Annual General Meeting
  4. Election of directors
  5. Motion to not use an external auditor
  6. Motion that no dividend be declared on any class of shares this year
  7. Date of next Annual General Meeting tentatively set for 31 March 2018.

January 15

Members' Meeting

  1. All present recorded
  2. Agenda planning for year
  3. Old business
    1. New family in White House
    2. Canada Summer Jobs update
    3. Volunteers update
    4. New greenhouse plans
    5. Becky's immigration status
    6. New chickens
    7. Farm store status

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